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Life is not measured by how many breaths we take, but by the moments that take our breath away. -Unknown

LUA Miss USA Toad LUA Bravado's Blessing & Mom
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Adult Breeding Males:
MGF Argentine The Master's Hand
aka 'Jerry' is a half Argentine suri sweetheart! He is fancy, correct and an easy keeper! You can run him with females with no worries. To date he has sired 7 females and 5 males. He is affordably priced for a male of his caliber.

Yearling Show Males:
LUA Wave's Of Prayer ~ Already a Multiple Show Champion! He carries the sacred lineage of the Silver Peru/MGF Renassiance crosses! He was going to be a keeper, still might if we don't weaken! Let our abundance be your gain!! He truly is a GREAT young male and will be an awesome performance partner too.

Juvenile Show Males:
LUA Wave's Of Triumph ~ Already a Multiple Show Winner! He carries the magnificent lineage of WLK Heat Wave! He is a full Brother to our Award Winning LUA Wave's Of Dyamonds! He is as correct as they come and he will win a lot of Shows!

Juvenile Show Males:
LUA Redeemed Status ~ 'Hoss' was born on Easter SONday while we were gone to church. He is an exceptional young male. His Dam carries the sacred lineage of the Silver Peru/MGF Renassiance crosses! He is correct and colorful and he will make a great partner for someone and then has the genetic make-up for a future herdsire!

Bravado, Heat Wave and Status Symbol, Offspring Have Stood Grand Champion each show season throug to 2015!! They also Continue to Sire National Champions at our National Shhows! All of
Status Symbol's kids to show in the 2009 LFA World Championship Futurity Won Class Champion!
Bravado sired THREE 2013 LFA World Futurity Champions!
Now those are some braggin' rights!
DejaVu & Lil' Hope Shadow & Muffin puppy LUA Peaches And Cream

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Consistency throughout generations!


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