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2020 Spring born Juvenile Males:

LUA Show-Power
DOB: 06/03/20
(MSF Show Stopper x LUA Thanksgiving Status)
WOW! This is one pretty special boy! He is very powerfully built and is real showy in his frame and stance when he struts his stuff!! One look at him and you will think ‘Show Me’, which was going to be his name, however it has been selected for another Show Stopper son, and we are thrilled! 'Power' has such big, hairy feet that we could have called him big-foot! No doubt he will be a big boy! For those who follow our farm, we have kept 4 of his maternal siblings, each of them won their share in the show ring, and they are: National Champion LUA Sterling’s Sensation (one of our current Herd Sires), National Champion LUA Wave’s Of Blessings (one of our current Breeding Females), National Champion LUA Wave’s Of Royalty (presently in our show string), and Show Champion LUA Wave’s Of Thanksgiving (we hope is carrying her first cria)! As you can see his Dam has been a Premier Dam for our farm who has produced 5 National Champion wins to date! His full brother quickly sold last year shortly after he was born. His sire, Show Stopper is a 3 x National Grand Champion, a National Champion in Halter and in Performance. He has 733 points, 65 Championships and at least 15 Best Of Show titles to his credit. One would be hard pressed to find Show Stoppers equal! His price is a bit less than his paternal brothers listed due to their having more of the blue to their silver colors. Power will have more of a taupe grey fleece when finished. He seems to have the great disposition of both his sire and his dam.

LUA Notably Happy
DOB: 05/12/20
(Oh Happy Day x BKL Angel)
Notably: In a way that is striking or remarkable, that rings true for this incredible, colorful guy! Mama baked him an extra 20 days, and he arrived weighing nearly 35 lbs! Her size, substance and beautiful color pattern is seen in him! He is sired by National Champion Oh Happy Day who had two National Champion daughters in 2019. For those that may not know, Happy is a 3rd generation National Grand Champion Suri Male on his Sire's side. Happy's Dam M.R.S. Cotton Candee was a high selling (5 figures) Female during the exciting years of LFA!! Angel herself is sired by a National Champion too. We are truly excited about our Oh Happy Day offspring, and this guy fits right in with the best of them! Noble is extra special, and he will command attention!! Serious inquiries only please.

LUA Sebastian's Prayer

DOB: 5/07/20
(DDH’s Sebastian x Hwin Of Dakota Ridge)
Hwin is a wonderdful first time mama!! Her amazing son was born on the National Day of Prayer and sports a lovely silky fleece. He is very correct and has some of our fondest bloodlines through his sire's side, in being that Sebastian is sired by LUA Bravado's Rapture (Bravado x Final Choice). His dam is an own daughter of the highly popular, Best Of Show winning Wunsapana Aslan! Sebastian, along with his sire and paternal grandsire all sport an abundance of bone, coverage and beautifully locked, lofty fleece, as does Aslan! For those Sebastian fans who have kept an eye on his offspring as they develop, you know what this guy will do, his bone will continue and he should have covereage to his toes! Blue Ribbon Winners, Lots of Style, Correctness, Color, bone, and incredible fleece abound in this guys heritage! Inquiries welcome!

DOB: 04/24/20
(MSF Show Stopper x LUA Wave's Of Blessings)
This is one amazing young male! He follows similarly along the lines of his paternal brothers: Junior and Spirit. His Dam, affectionately called 'Besse' is an 8 time Champion, Finished Halter Champion, National Champion Class Winner, who amassed an incredible 90 points in Show Wins during her career. Besse is an own daughter of the great WLK Heat Wave, and she is out of one of our Premier Producing Dams, a Dam who has produced 5 National Champion wins to date! His sire, Show Stopper is a 3 x National Grand Champion, a National Champion in Halter and in Performance. He has 733 points, 65 Championships and at least 15 Best Of Show titles to his credit. One would be hard pressed to find Show Stoppers equal. Image has that popular color of his sire, with abundant bone. Besse seems to produce traits of the sire she is bred to, so expectations run high with this guy!! Inquiries welcome!

LUA Happy Warrior
DOB: 04/22/20
(Oh Happy Day x HF Valerie)
One might put down on paper what they would like from two National Grand Champions, and it just might be this guy! WOW! What a pedigree! Sire side alone you have 3 generatons of National Grand Champions. Then we have Valerie, who not only is a 3 time National Grand Champion, she was also the #1 Juvenile Female, #1 Yearling Female and the #1 2 year old female during the years she was shown. Valerie's Dam is also a National Champion, who has produced Multiple National Champions. Valerie's Dam was one of those special females who produced offspring who drew my attention year after year and I would inquire to purchase. Looking forward to watching this colorful, suri guy grow, play and fill into himself. As he is growing and developing he is reminding me more and more of his paternal sister, our stunning, Multiple Champion LUA Happy Blessings who was one of our 2019 Top Show Girls. Inquiries welcome!

LUA Sterling's Blue Silver
DOB: 04/21/20
(LUA Sterling's Sensation x Ollendick Farm's Shaelyn) This colorful blue-silver male has such a depth of pedigree! His Dam Shaelyn is a National Class Champion, a 6 time Halter Champion who won every halter class she stepped into! She did quite well in the LFA World Futurity also! Shaelyn is out of LUA Bravado's Amazing Love (a Bravado Daughter) who is out of one of our top producing Dams of her time: Mocha's Latte, a female who has produced 4 National Champion Wins, including LUA Bravado's Almighty! In looks this guy reminds me of his maternal grandsire: Multiple Best Of Show Winning, National Champion: Ollendick Farms Switching Gears! Now lets take a look at his sire's side, oh my! He is sired by our National Champion, earner of over 500 points, who won consistently in Halter & Performance! Sterling won 37 Championships and Multiple Best Of Show Wins! Sterling's Dam is one of one of our top producing females who has produced 5 National Champion Wins! Sterling's Sire was the extra-special, Huge, World Champion SPCL Sterling Silver who was a product of one of those rare parings of Silver Peru and MGF Renaissance. This young impresive male's silver color and Purple Win's run real deep! Inquiries welcome!



Weaned, Juvenile Males:

DOB: 9/27/19 ILR# 293331
(MSF Show Stopper x LUA My Darlin’ Status)
If you like Show Stopper, you will most assuredly like his son, Jr. He is a little carbon copy. All stacked up and showy with the most incredible blue-grey fleece! Another extremely ‘heads-up’ boy that sets his tail just where it should be and it is up all the time also! He should be incredibly fun to show!! You have read enough about Show Stopper, so let me share more about his Dam, some has been shared in his maternal sister’s listing: LUA Sprinkles Of Happy. Darlin is a Finished Halter Champion, who earned 15 Championships and 3 Best Of Show Championships, and she has Beautiful llamas all around her pedigree, especially if you love the color of silver. Spend some time on the ILR database and you will see what I mean! Darlin is a National Champion producer. He is on the sale list for now, but may not stay! For now Inquiries welcome!

DejaVu & Lil' Hope Shadow & Muffin puppy LUA Peaches And Cream

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