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When love and skill work together, expect a masterpiece -John Ruskin
On this page you will find many gift options for the Llama enthusiast! From our Halter/lead sets to various ornaments, Hand Painted wearable Art, and more. Feel free to email or call 517.467.2709 (no texting) with any questions. We can work together to criate a Unique Gift Basket as well. Make sure to scroll through entire page if you are interested in seeing all items. Thank You!
HALTER & LEAD SETS $16 + SHIPPING Sizes: Medium, Large and Extra Large with adjustable nosebands. General sizing information: medium will fit weaned juveniles until nearly their yearling age. Large for yearling possibly into 2's. X-Large for most all adults. In stock we generally have the 1/2" or 3/4" teal (teal colors can vary depending on what they have in stock when we order); 1/2" black, 3/4" Red, White, Blue; 3/4" Pink; NEW Royal Blue too!! Our Purple sets are here, and we have two types: Lavender 3/4" and dark purple 1/2". Fall 2020 we now have really fun Neon Orange sets too! I can custom order other colors. NEW! We can GLITTER them up and more! Send me a message and we can discuss your order. Email with any questions and or orders or call 517.467.2709 Thank You!

NEW! These fun ideas popped up while preparing Award options for our 2020-2021 Millennium Magic run of shows, we then decided to offer them as well. You can either order special number holders with Best Of Show or Champion tags on them, or they can be personalized with little llamas and names too. Prices vary with order number, tag type/size, and will range from $8-$10 + shipping. Email with any questions and or orders or call 517.467.2709 Thank You!
NEW! Your Extra Special One Of A Kind Award Options: We have a limited number of Glass Hearts which can have a variety of options added onto them. They are so pretty and are sure to please. We have a variety of other glass Award options too, including special Produce Of Dam and Get Of Sire, and many more. They come boxed and ready to hand out to your Award Winners or as a special gift.
Hearts: $15 + shipping. Other painted glass options $8, boxed: $10 and up + shipping. Thank You!

With so many requests for my home made doggie treats, we have decided to post them on our web site. Our dogs love these treats and throughout the years we have sent them, shared them, given them, with rave reviews! Made from Pumpkin, peanut butter, flour and more, they are sure to be a hit with your pooch! They can be sent in a re-usable, easy to open glass jar, or without, $10 + shipping. Email with any questions and or orders or call 517.467.2709 Thank You!
NEW! Oh what fun to have new number holders! We can create any of the below styles and more! You can select either Rainbow; a Pretty variety of Blues; Pinks; Purples; Red, White and Blue; Orange/Citrus; and Evergreen! Or we can discuss a one-of-a-kind just for You!! Spring Special $8 + shipping. Email with any questions and or orders or call 517.467.2709 Thank You!
Who wouldn't want a Llovely Llama on their face mask?
Currently in stock we have white or black Hanes 100% cotton face masks. Each one is a soft 3-ply face mask with an adjustable nosepiece, they are breathable (the best ones we have found to easily breathe in). They are washable and reusable. Llama colors can vary and masks can be personalized. Current colors on white masks are:
Teal, Blue, Glitter Blue, Glitter Purple.
Current colors on black masks are:
White, Glitter Blue, Glitter Silver, Glitter Gold.
$8 + shipping
with any questions and or orders or call 517.467.2709 Thank You!
*****************************LLAMA FLEECE****************************
If you have an interest in fiber arts, spinning, weaving, felting, knitting, crocheting, etc., and if it is your passion to work with llama fleece, you may be interested in our raw fleece. Off the farm we sell it for $10 per bag, that is for fairly clean, unprocessed fleece. If you are ordering online, you will need to add appropriate shipping costs. Shearing our show llamas will begin mid March. Shearing for all other llamas will begin in April. Most breeding males and most breeding females will get full body cuts. Suri llamas will not get full body cuts. Show llamas and juveniles will get a midsection cut. If you want fleece that has never been shorn, you can select fleece from one of our juveniles on the Current Offspring page as some will have their first shearing the fall of the year they are born. We have some exceptional fleece producers, and many of our offspring have gone on to win many major walking fleece competitions as well as Best of Show! Many judges have favorably commented on our llama's fleece throughout our years in the show ring. Some of our fleece is dense, with a lot of loft and crimp. Email for available fleece: single or double coat, as well as fully locked fleece - with or without crimp, and more about fleece type. Our llama fleeces will be blown before shearing, some will be brushed out as well, and we will do our best to provide for you fleece’s that are clean and void of second cuts if that is your preference. The more time spent on the fleece's, more cost may be involved.
Would you like a Specific Fleece from one of our Select Llamas you have seen either at a show, on a visit to our farm or on one of our website pages: Herdsires - Breeding Females - Maiden Females and Current Offspring? If that is the case you will want to speak for these fleeces before shearing. For early show llamas that would be some time in March. For on the farm animals you may have until May.
Make sure you email for availability before selecting! We sell bags of raw fleece off the farm for $10/bag. A full fleece from a specific llamas will be more.
Needle Felted Llamas...some will be criated using the genuine llama fleece from llamas on our farm. Some will be made from synthetic roving. Pricing: $25 plus shipping
Crocheted Cria and or Llama Neck Warmers, these indeed help a bunch when you need to warm them up!
$25 each plus shipping
AUTHENTIC FEED BAGS for GIFT BAGS! These bags were SO Popular for Christmas 2017! Everyone loved them!
You can put a lot into one bag, they're easy to cary, and they helped make the Christmas Season that much more special, Thank You!
You can also use these Gift Bags for Birthday's, Valentine's Day, Easter and More!
Each bag can be personalized with your name, your llamas name (or other animals name), your child's name, etc.
One side has the genuine logo from the feed mill, and the other side is painted up!
Each bag measures 35" long by 20" wide, for those large gifts!
The words and animals are all Glittered Up and each bag comes with their very own a unique twine tie!
Email with any questions and ideas! Priced at just $8/bag + shipping

$5 PER BAG OR $25/SET OF 5 + SHIPPING (pricing for bag size shown; can use colored bags and larger bags)
Each year when we put up our Christmas tree these ornaments still smell of the sweet cinnamon we all desire and look forward to this time of the year! It is so wonderfully amazing how the sweet cinnamon from these ornamets remain throughout the years!
We have added the popular
Llama Advice Plaque.
Size may vary.
$15-$20 plus shipping

TLC Custum Wearable Art, one-of-a-kind pieces
These can be individual Custom Criations or you may choose from the selections below
Please note in downsize for imaging & posting, some true color and beauty is lost.
Email with any questions/orders or call 517.467.2709
My hope would be that no one copies any of these God given designs.

Hand Painted Jackets ~ Double sided

Lovely Deep Purple Corduroy steel studded snap front Lg. Jacket
Turquoise Llama on front, Get of Sire on Back

Antique Brown xLg-P Jacket
Llama toes on collar, Dam & Cria on back
Options for Hand Painted Blouses ~ Double sided

Dam looking at cria on front,
Full Body Show Llama on back

LUA Bravado's DejaVu Remembrance Blouse ~ Two heads
& Llama toes on front, Full body portrait on back

Dam & Cria front pockets
Get of Sire on back

Teal accented Llama Head on front
Llama looking at cria on back

Llama Head on front Champion Ribbon Winning Llama on back

Black/Brown Llama Toes on front
LUA Wave's Of Splendor & LUA Bravado's Butterfly on back
Some options for Hand Painted Vests ~ Double sided

Hand Painted options you can order. Call (no texting) 517-467-2709 or Email if you see a special design that you would
like to have made so that you can have your very own one-of-a-kind TLC criation!

Aussie in heart

Angel blessing a llama

llama pronking

llama in heart

Huacaya Alpaca

Suri Alpaca

Dam looking back at Cria

Llama Tree

Get Of Sire

Adding in a llama face & toes

Purple Dam/Pink Cria

Dam looking at Cria

Dam & Cria

Double Llama Heart

Blue Ribbon Winning Llama

Llama Family Trio

Red Bi Aussie

Large Llama Heart

Your own llama

Small Llama & cria Heart

Dam looking over Cria

Show Llama & Aussie Dog

Dam looking out & Cria

Llama Love Heart
Samples of TLC Llama Visors

Some past TLC's shown below for reference ordering, including a Halter Horse, a suri Alpaca, and infant & Toddler selections.
For ordering information, item identifiers are below each row
Above are some options for Custom painted Vests
Above are some options for Custom orders: L to R: Butterfly ~ Angel ~ Ribbon ~ Get Of Sire ~ Alpaca
Above are some options for Custom orders: L to R: YTC ~ AngelBA ~ YLK ~ Hearts
Above are some options for Custom orders: L to R: LongSleeveFront/Back ~ YVC ~ SuriWalkingFR ~ DS ~ HalterHorse
L to R: DamLookingDownCria ~ DamCriaFr ~ DamCriaLayLook ~ WalkingFL ~ ShowStance
Above are some options for Custom orders: L to R: PDam&Cria ~ Kristy ~ ShowStance ~ Trio ~ OnsieD&C
L to R: WalkingFR ~ DamCriaLayLook ~ DamR-CriaRearL ~ StandingFRWhitew/gold ~ LookingBack
Above are some options for Custom orders: L to R: Infant ~ DamR-LookUpCriaL-layRedsGreens ~ VestF&B

Signs are white washed and then hand written with one of many special and unique slogans. They are then bedazzled, sometimes bejeweled to finish their one of a kind look! They will be finished off with a metal hanger or rope hanger ~ complete with country flair! No two are exactly alike! Can be made with any slogan or favorite saying!
Send an email for ordering information!

*****************************Music Box Llamas*****************************
In Silky or Suri Fleece. Current above music box llamas are available. The Suri (LUA Suri Status) llama plays "Amazing Grace"
The Silver Silky Llama (LUA Bravado's Eminence) plays "How Great Thou Art" -these are currently out of stock, sorry
*****************HAND BRAIDED LEAD ROPES 100% LLAMA FLEECE*****************

These leads are soft to the hand and have a nice small lightweight snap. Each lead rope has a special meaning. The white leads shown came from LUA Bravado's Grace. The Silver gray leads shown came from LUA Bravado's Amazing Love. These make nice leads for llamas, alpacas, miniature horses, miniature donkeys, goats, sheep, dogs and other animals. They have also been used as reins attached to the bridle for horseback riding, due to their softness and handle.

Oftentimes I intertwine a colorful yarn mix into these as well. Generally the leads sell for $20 each.

Some lead ropes can be made from special yarns as shown in the photo below.

**********Unique Gift Baskets for your special friend or just for You!**********
Through the years I have criated a vast number of gift baskes. Here are just a few:


Years ago I made Britches out of wash cloths and gave them as gifts to special friends. I also now create them out of yarn so that these unique, fun gifts can also be used as wash cloths, pot holders, and doilies! Once the bows are untied, and the stitches are pulled out, you will have two of them, equal in size! Attached to each pair is a note-of-explanation with the britches: untie the bows and pull out the stitches and you will have two pot holders instead of the britches. These can be made in your favorite colors, in a color combination to go with a special gift basket, or with your own llama yarn!
***********************CRIA SWEATERS & NECK WARMERS***********************
I have made several cria sweaters and neck warmers! These can be made from various types of yarn as long as it is 4 ply or larger. The soft light and lofty yarns are very nice for their warmth and comfort. The sizes can range from newborns up to 2 months. The cria sweaters have a fully closed chest and belly band. To order one email your favorite color and size you would like! We use these annually on our cria and they really do make a big difference in providing the needed warmth. Especially the neck warmers.
***********************GIFT ITEMS MADE TO ORDER***********************
Many items on this page can be made for you personally or to give as a gift. All items on this page are one of a kind. No two are alike. Pictured below are more crocheted items. I can also make Granny Square Afghans. Feel free to send an Email with any questions, ideas or orders.
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