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Featured below are current offspring that we have, females first followed by males. When our offspring become a year old, we will move the females to the maiden female page. As you scroll through our website you will see the quality our farm upholds with breeding and raising Show Champions from Proven Show Champions. Some of our offspring are offered for sale. We offer special package discounts; will work with you on needed payment plans, and we are willing to entertain offers. It is our goal to make sure our llamas leave here happy and with a friend if need be. A reference Sire section is at the bottom of this page to show the sire's of our offspring. Most of their Dams can be seen on our website as well. Please feel free to Email us with any questions or interest.
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CLICK HERE to see Award Winning Offspring we have produced.
2022 Offspring, Females first, followed by Males, Youngest to Oldest
**********************2022 FEMALES********************

LUA ShowStopper's Tiara

DOB: 11/11/22
(MSF Show Stopper x LUA Bravado's Bold Expectations)
This little (and I do say that lightly) charmer is something else. Weighing in at 36.6 lbs., mama struggled 2 weeks leading up to her delivery, which was assisted. From the first upright position, she could look over mama's back. She came into our world on mom's due day, full of energy and a strong will. Nothing was going to hold her down. Took both of us. Have gone over several names and since she has a T on her face, maybe God already picked her name, as it is said Tiara is a fitting name for your little princess, and to us, she is just that, and then some!! Tiara is a Full sister to chart topping, Dual National Champion: LUA ShowStopper's Blue Violet. She adorns a different coat & color, and she certainly is special.

LUA Sebastian's Petunia

DOB: 9/28/22
(DDH's Sebastian x LUA Glorious Status)
Petunia is a Full sister to National Champion LUA Sebastian's Delilah, and multiple Show Winning LUA Symphony Of Praise. She is the product of two National Champion parents. I am especially fond of the Paternal line of her sire, and the maternal line of her Dam. Of course the other bloodlines of both have Produced Multiple Champions, and have excelled in their Production. There have just been certain bloodlines throughout the years that hit home runs each time, and those have been the pairing of Bravado with Final Choice and the Production out of our Heat Wave daughter: GirlsJustWannaHaveFun. Did I mention that Petunia is a little love, love, love. She will greet you at the fence, tell you about her day, and give you some kisses too.
Petunia has been spoken for, Thank You

LUA Sprinkles Of Autumn

DOB: 9/21/22
(Wunsapana's The Navigator x LUA Sprinkles Of Happy)
Sprinkles did outstanding, delivering all on her own, especially as a maiden mama. When we went to the barn for morning chores her little darling was up, dry, and already nursing. She milks like a cow, and has wanted to be a mama for some time. She loves all of the other cria and enjoys playing with them. We were excited to have her become a mom!! We did not expect this color out of the pairing of Navigator and Sprinkles, but let me just tell you, she has the WOW factor. Looking forward to watching her develop and seeing what she turns into. She is pretty darn special!! Inquiries Welcome

LUA Daisy Mae

LUA Daisy Mae is the 2022 ALSA Grand National Reserve Champion LW Female!
DOB: 5/19/22
(Wunsapana's The Navigator x HF Sophia)
We really Love everything about this colorful female!! With 2021 being our farms first year standing Navigator, knowing he would be here every other year as we share him with a farm in NY, we wanted to cover as many females with him as possible. We are pleased with our 2022 offspring by him. Navigator is a multiple Show Champion with truly impressive genetics. Sophia was a top contender in both halter and performance in her limited show career, earning 4 Championships in halter and earning 106 points! As happens often with our females we only have so much room in the trailer otherwise we would have continued showing her dam. We feel Daisy Mae has the best qualities of both parents and she really has a bright future ahead of her!!
Inquiries Welcome

LUA Designed By Diva

DOB: 5/03/22
(Wunsapana's The Navigator x LUA Bravado's By Design)
Affectionately called 'Butter', she was our farm's first born offspring sired by Navigator. We are Thrilled to have another daughter out of Diva!! I so wanted to keep her female from last year however when a really special lady inquired, and she also chose Opal, it was the right thing to do!! Butter is one well built gal, and she is very correct!! Another special Tuesday birth, and what is said about 'Tuesday's Child' sure fits this gal: They are full of grace, refinement and elegance!! Her Dam, Diva, is a 2-time National Res. Champion in halter, Finished Halter Champion with 20 Championships and 132 show points! Diva is by National Champion Hard Rock's Bravado, and she is out of National Champion LUA Glorious Status, and the list of Greats go on and on in the maternal side of her Dam!! Butter is a whole lot of fun and we are beginning her halter lessons now. We will watch her closely while determining her future!! Butter has been spoken for, Thank You

LUA ShowStopper's Silver Lily

DOB: 4/16/22
(MSF Show Stopper x LUA MyGirl Status)
We are very grateful to have this darling daughter of MyGirl and Show Stopper!! She is a charmer and farm favorite to everyone who visits. Like her mom and her mama's mama, they have the best dispositions one would hope for. Lily's dam earned a whopping 571 show points and is a 27 x Champion, National class Champion in Halter, and a National Res. Champion in Performance! Lily's sire, Show Stopper is a 3 x National Grand Champion, a National Champion in Halter and in Performance. He has 733 points, 65 Championships and at least 15 Best Of Show titles to his credit. One would be hard pressed to find Show Stoppers equal. Show Stoppers offspring have been sought out by many! Some additional Great's in Lily's lineage are National Champion and Multiple National Champion Sire: Hard Rock’s Bravado, National Champion and Multiple National Champion Sire: WLK Heat Wave, And National Champion, Multiple National Champion Dam: Final Choice...and if you have been doing your homework, you have already figured out that LUA Bravado's Victory (Lily's maternal great grandma) is one of those amazing Final Choice and Bravado offspring's.

**********************2022 MALES********************

LUA Sebastian's Valor

DOB: 11/06/22
(DDH's Sebastian x HF Valerie)
The pairing of two National Champions, who are also National Champion producers, was our intent with this breeding. Valerie delivered while we were gone to NAILE. We had been on pins and needles for Bold Expectations deliver due to her constant discomfort, when Valerie's time came. Valor means boldness and determination, both we see in this guy. He is marked very well with incredible fleece, which should not be a surprise to those who know the depth of these bloodlines. He is sure to be a stand out. Our Sebastian offspring tend to add bone and coverage, so he will be fun to watch. His bloodlines are off the charts. As with all of our male offspring Valor has been spoken for, Thank You

LUA ShowStopper's Grand

DOB: 10/29/22
(MSF Show Stopper x LUA Wave's Of Brilliance)
Bril Bril delivered while we were attending the ALSA Grand Nationals, hence his name. He is the largest of her cria to date, all 3 being full siblings. As with all of our Show Stopper offspring he will be watched closely for his future determinations. He has the makings to be a top Show Male and the genetics to carry forward as a Future Herd Sire. Our final 3 were born during inclement weather, that turned cold thereafter, so getting pictures of them, and especially for the web site, have been tough.
Inquiries Welcome

LUA Sebastian's Makas 'Mak'

DOB: 10/23/22
(DDH's Sebastian x LUA The Hand Of Hope)
Makas means 'Hope' in Hebrew. Had Mak been a she, I already had the name picked out, and wanted to keep Hope in the crias name. This is a really fun male! As we can, we will update pictures, needed to get him posted with our busy fall. He has a lot of color and fun genetics. His dam is one of our cherished females out of National Champion LUA Glorious Status, who is an own daughter of GirlsJustWannaHaveFun. Many will remember her stunning self. He is really correct, lots of neck, color and a fun silky fleece. If you remember Pecan (LUA Happy Celebrations), born spring 2021, you can see that Hope is proving herself in production. She is an Awesome mom and built very well. Mak has been spoken for, Thank You

LUA Navigator's Olaf

DOB: 10/11/22
(Wunsapana's The Navigator x His Blessed Assurance)
Olaf is going to be a BOG BOY!! He has a really cool head and ear to him. He just might end up a suri to boot!! Riddle me that one, will ya? Always interesting when we have a suri pop up from two non suri parents, and we've had several throughout the years. If not a suri, definitely a silky, but for now his single coat fleece is fully-locked, and as an added bonus 'Boots' has spots all across his topline!! Boots was born on a Tuesday, and they say those born on Tuesday share a strong determination, and fighting spirit. This guy has a really Wonderful pedigree, loaded with Color!! Keep in mind that his dam is a Full Sister to 3 time National Champion and The #1 Leader throughout her years, when shown: HF Valerie!! The more I see of him, since our brief warming @ near 2 wk's of age, when we could uncover him, the more I consider him as one to watch! Olaf has been spoken for, Thank You

LUA Divinely Happy

DOB: 10/02/22
(Oh Happy Day x LUA BKL Angel)
You guessed it!! Another INCREDIBLE FULL BROTHER to The Number 1 Leading male for each year he has been shown, AND MEGA BEST OF SHOW CHAMPION: LUA Notably Happy, and the current Number 1 Yearling Male: LUA Painted Happy!! Here is another male that I really want to hold onto for a bit. Love him!! His size, style, paint job, and although he does not sport the black and white flash of mom, and the two aforementioned full brothers, his grey and white colors are sure to turn a head or two!! Males like this make me itch to get them into the Show Ring! Vinny has been spoken for, Thank You

LUA Nav's New Moon

DOB: 9/25/22
(Wunsapana's The Navigator x BKL Ashe)
Ashe has never failed to deliver stunning cria!! We have retained her last two daughters, and will be keeping a very close eye on this guy to determine his future for our farm. He is INCREDIBLE. Lots of bone, and the Flashy black and white that so many are drawn to. It never fails, each birthing season we have a few males that we really want to hang onto, to see how they develop and possibly keep as a future Herd Sire for our farm. Moony is one of them!! Inquiries Welcome

LUA Sterling's Silver Son, aka Nelson, AND LUA Sterling's Double-Take, aka Eric

DOB: 9/22/22
(LUA Sterling's Sensation x LUA Brilliance's Brilliance)
Here they are. The Twins. Each had a birthweight of 17 lbs. I need to get some pictures of them first thing in the morning. You would not believe how they are positioned each and every morning. My goodness. Every morning at first barn check one is laying along one side of her, the other is laying on the other side. All 3 nestled together filled with Love. They could have never been given a better mama. She is the very best. Nelson is silver in color and Eric is all black. Right now they both are suri's. If you like our tall drink of water: LUA Sterling's Moonlit Miracle, you will fall in love with these two, as they are Full brothers to Miracle and similarly made. The twins have been spoken for, Thank You

LUA Navigator's Jericho

DOB: 9/22/22
(Wunsapana's The Navigator x Hard Rock's Hallelujah)
The day he arrived was quite busy. Another Dam on our farm, Brilliance, was in trouble most of the day, Brilliance is the dam of our twins. During one of my trips from the barn to the house I glanced out to see Treasure, his dam's call name, was in labor and showing the first signs, next peek out and here he was already making his entrance. The Christian song Jericho played on the radio, and the words came rushing in. Wasn't long before I knew what to name this guy. Man, is this one cool cria!! Not sure if I have ever seen one 'so heads up'!! He is 'ON' ALL. THE. TIME. !! Treasure has hit it out of the park each time!! All of her offspring have been Show Quality, with exceptional color, tall in stature and type. Not only does he have a really fun color pattern, but his curly fleece is a plus too. Inquiries Welcome

LUA Royally Happy

DOB: 9/16/22
(Oh Happy Day x LUA Wave's Of Royalty)
The Friday of the weekend of our MMHH fall show, our maiden, and Best Of Show winning, National Champion Yearling: Royalty decided to deliver early. I noticed that she was off by herself when I made one of my trip's down to the farm where we hold our shows. I told Lloyd to keep an eye on her. Apparently when he returned home from setting up some stalls, and bringing the obstacle needs for our performance courses, he seen she had delivered. All on her own, and both were in good shape. This cria reminds me so much of Royalty's full sister's male cria by Oh Happy Day: LUA Happy's Amore. Amore matured very tall, and he has been winning halter and performance classes for his owner. Not only is Royal cool in fleece and in type, he is the product of two National Champions. If you are searching for a nice show male, or looking to add National Champion Producing bloodlines of WLK Heat Wave, GC's Chock Full O'Nuts, MRS Cotton Candee, LUA Thanksgiving Status (Status Symbol/King Crimson) you might want to give this guy some consideration. He certainly should have an Exciting, Royal future!! Royal has been spoken for, Thank You

LUA Forever Happy

DOB: 6/21/22
(Oh Happy Day x BC Angel's Sylver Sensation)
The number 21 is symbolic of success, completion and the fulfillment of desires. When the number 21 appears as a birth number, there are no negative connotations. It promises a life of fulfillment, triumph and victory. This guy is something else! He is so up-headed, stands at attention, square on all four's, whenever he stops!! He has the most scrumptious suri fleece and he is extremely correct!! His National Champion Sire is also a multiple National Champion Producing Sire: Oh Happy Day is the 3rd in the line of National Champion males in his Purple Pedigree!! Happy's Dam was a high selling female at one of the Top LFA sales, I believe with a record sale in the midst's of $60k. Now lets talk about his dam! Sylver reminds us SO MUCH of her MEGA CHAMPION, Res. National Class Champion, WLK HEAVE WAVE DAUGHTER: GIRLSJUSTWANNAHAVEFUN aka Julia!! Sylver's sire is a FULL brother to National Champion GREATS: LUA Glowing With Glory Status and LUA Glorious Status!! If you have paid any attention to their production, you know they have done extremely well for our farm!! To top it off, Sylver is an extraordinarily wonderful first time mama too. Sylver's Dam is Sired by National Champion BAL Steuben. WHEW!! LLOTS TO LLOVE ABOUT THIS PEDIGREE RIGHT HERE!! From what we see, this guy fits the bill too!! Beano has been spoken for, Thank You

LUA Deo Volente

DOB: 6/20/22
(Wunsapana's The Navigator x LUA Wave's Of Victory)
I first heard the words of his name in the outstanding movie: Secretariat! God Willing is the definition of his name, and he is affectionately called 'Leggs'. He is only 5 hours old in the first 2 pictures on the left. One week old in the rest. We feel he is pretty special. His dam, whom we call 'Lovey', is a National Class Champion, Multiple Halter and Performance Champion, earner of 491 Show Points, 24 time Champion, Multiple National Champion Dam and multiple Produce Of Dam Champion. Lovey is sired by National Champion and Multiple National Champion Sire: WLK Heat Wave, and she is out of a National Champion, who reigns from the National Champion duo: Hard Rock's Bravado and Final Choice. Too early to say what his future will be.
Leggs has been spoken for, Thank You

LUA Trifecta

DOB: 6/12/22
(Wunsapana's The Navigator x LUA Bold Happiness)
Born 17 hours after the Belmont Stakes, we have decided to call him 'Mo' in honor of The Winner! Mo is a tri colored, fancy-marked, suri male! He appears to have ample bone (how couldn't he) and he is out of a long line of National Grand Champions! His Dam, her sire, his sire, and his sire are all National Grand Champions!! His Dam is out of a female from two National Grand Champions - Hard Rock's Bravado and LUA Glowing With Glory Status!! WOW!! This is only speaking of the dam side of Mo's Pedigree!! You add into his pedigree from his top side and you will see such greats as Wunsapana's Aslan, BAL Whiskers and PH BoyOhboy! Now that's a whole lotta pedigree folks!! Since Trifecta means a run of three wins or grand events, I'd say his pedigree hits a home run there!! Mo has been spoken for, Thank You

LUA Amedeo

DOB: 6/08/22
(Wunsapana's The Navigator x LUA Wave's Of Dyamonds)
This past year I heard a song that captured my attention titled Amedeo. Amedeo means Lover of God. We chose this name for this really cool male!! Affectionately called 'Patch' as his eye patches resemble those of his Dams. Patch is a maternal brother to the 2022 ILR National Champion Silky Female, and The 2022 ILR National Reserve Novice Performance Champion: LUA Show-Girl. Patch is well-built. He is tall, colorful, silky-fleeced with ample bone. He is very correct, and he has a truly wonderful disposition. Patch is also a grandson of National Champion and Multiple National Champion Sire: WLK Heat Wave. The maternal side of Patch's dam is filled with several Gorgeous paints. He has a lot to offer as a future show llama, youth partner and even as an eventual Herd Sire if one so wanted. He is doing well in his halter training. Patch has been spoken for, Thank You

**********************2021 MALES********************

LUA ShowStopper's Reflection

DOB: 10/22/21
(MSF Show Stopper x LUA Wave's Of Brilliance)
This guy is something else. He is a silver suri, with white points. He has a wonderful disposition and is going to be tons of fun. If you have kept up with our farm at all, you will easily know something extra fun about his pedigree, in that several have been AWESOME Performance Champions, his sire and Dam, as well as his Maternal Grandma!! We are always beyond Grateful with our Blessings from the Halter Ring, and our farm also gives Much Value to the Performance side too! Both Show Stopper and BrilBril are Multiple Best Of Show Champions, and they topped the charts in year end standings when competing in Halter. With the linage on his dam side carrying both Bravado and Heat Wave, there is a lot to consider. He is very cool. UPDATE: Champ has hit the Show Ring and has been named either Grand Champion or Reserve Champion each trip off the farm, except for MLM. He is started in performance and is doing amazingly well. He has been spoken for, Thank You!!

************************REFERENCE SIRES ************************

MSF Show Stopper
2017, 2018 National Champion
Multiple Champion Sire, sire of:
LUA Son Of ShowStopper
LUA Spectacular Show

LUA ShowStopper's Matilda
LUA ShowStopper's Darling
LUA ShowStopper's Susie
LUA ShowStopper's BraveHeart
LUA ShowStopper's Reflection
LUA Fortune Favors The Bold
LUA ShowStopper's Black Onyx
LUA ShowStopper's Silver Lily

Wunsapana's The Navigator
Multiple Show Champion
Champion Sire, Sire of:
LUA Daisy Mae
LUA Designed By Diva
LUA Trifecta
LUA Amedeo
LUA Deo Volente

LUA Nav's ew Moon
LUA Navigator's Jericho
LUA Sprinkles Of Autumn
LUA Navigator's Olaf

Oh Happy Day
2016 National Champion
Multiple Champion Sire, sire of:
LUA Happy Everything
LUA Happy Celebrations
LUA Ultimately Happy
LUA Delightfully Happy
LUA Forever Happy
LUA Royally Happy

LUA Sterling's Sensation
2016 National Champion
Multiple Champion Sire, sire of:
LUA Sterling's Eagle
LUA Sterling's Miss Fancy

Wunsapana's Aslan
Multiple Champion Sire, sire of:
Wunsapana's The Navigator

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DDH's Sebastian
2013 National Champion
Multiple Champion Sire
National Champion Sire
, sire of:
LUA Sebastian's Eli
LUA Sebastian's Oscar
LUA Sebastian's Opal