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Featured below are current offspring that we have, females first followed by males. When our offspring become a year old, we will move the females to the maiden female page. As you scroll through our website you will see the quality our farm upholds with breeding and raising Show Champions from Proven Show Champions. Some of our offspring are offered for sale. We offer special package discounts; will work with you on needed payment plans, and we are willing to entertain offers. It is our goal to make sure our llamas leave here happy and with a friend if need be. A reference Sire section is at the bottom of this page to show the sire's of our offspring. Most of their Dams can be seen on our website as well. Please feel free to Email us with any questions or interest.
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CLICK HERE to see Award Winning Offspring we have produced.
2022 Offspring, Females first, followed by Males, Youngest to Oldest
**********************2022 - 2023 FEMALES********************

LUA ShowStopper's Sugar

DOB: 5/26/23
(MSF Show Stopper x HF Sophia)
Sugar's Dam: Sophia now ranks as another one of our National Champion Producing Dams. Her production, all 3 of them, have been very nice. Darling Sugar is too. We were surprised by her color somewhat, as this is the first solid white offspring by her 3 time National Champion and 3 x National Get of Sire Champion: Show Stopper. She is quite feminine and very correct. It will be fun watching her develop and see what she finishes as. Right now we'd say light wool, and that is ok in our book!! The girls are in love with her and begging we keep her. I love her too.

LUA Ultimate Show

DOB: 4/03/23
(MSF Show Stopper x LUA Ultimate Status)
This is a truly amazing little girl. She is all girl and she is a mama's girl. She looks to have ample bone and substance on a suri or silky frame. I love her. Ultima, sired by Mega Champion Sire, World Futurity Get Of Sire Champion, Multiple National Champion Sire: Star Status Symbol, has given us three little Beauties in a row. She is a wonderful dam, whose dam is a lovely black and white suri paint that is a maternal grand daughter of WLK Heat Wave. Delaynie helped us select a barn name for her, and I really like it. We are calling her Lushia, which in Italian means 'Light', and the English origin means 'Luster'. Both fit her perfectly.

LUA ShowStopper's Tiara

DOB: 11/11/22
(MSF Show Stopper x LUA Bravado's Bold Expectations)
This little (and I do say that lightly) charmer is something else. Weighing in at 36.6 lbs., mama struggled 2 weeks leading up to her delivery, which was assisted. From the first upright position, she could look over mama's back. She came into our world on mom's due day, full of energy and a strong will. Nothing was going to hold her down. Took both of us. Have gone over several names and since she has a T on her face, maybe God already picked her name, as it is said Tiara is a fitting name for your little princess, and to us, she is just that, and then some!! Tiara is a Full sister to chart topping, Dual National Champion: LUA ShowStopper's Blue Violet. She adorns a different coat & color, and she certainly is special. UPDATE: At her very first show Tiara was pinned Grand Champion and Best Of Show Female!! At her 2nd show she was pinned Reserve Champion under her paternal sister LUA ShowStopper's Darling!! As you can see from the recent updated pictures of her, She has really grown up.

LUA Sprinkles Of Autumn

DOB: 9/21/22
(Wunsapana's The Navigator x LUA Sprinkles Of Happy)
Sprinkles did outstanding, delivering all on her own, especially as a maiden mama. When we went to the barn for morning chores her little darling was up, dry, and already nursing. She milks like a cow, and has wanted to be a mama for some time. She loves all of the other cria and enjoys playing with them. We were excited to have her become a mom!! We did not expect this color out of the pairing of Navigator and Sprinkles, but let me just tell you, she has the WOW factor. Looking forward to watching her develop and seeing what she turns into. Autumn is truly special with a modern design, sought after bloodlines and incredible fleece. She has been started in performance and is doing very well!! If you keep track of the genealogy of our farm, you know that Autumn's Maternal grandma is one of our Premier Dams: LUA My Darlin' Status. Darlin has produced Multiple National Champions. Autumn's sire is also a National Champion Sire. Autumn has FOUR National Champion's in her pedigree.
Autumn has been spoken for, Thank You!!

LUA Navigator's Glory Hallelujah

DOB: 5/09/22
(Wunsapana's The Navigator x LUA Wave's Of Hallelujah's)
Glory left our farm in her mama's belly. The lady who purchased her mama, along with some other special llamas from our farm, sadly lost her life last September. We were able to purchase back Glory, her mom and two special males in March of 2023. Glory had still been with mom. With the length of travel from Colorado, the severe winter we've all had, the two week quarantine here, and then needing to be weaned - as she was 10 months old, she has been through a bunch. Thankfully we have Autumn, Tiara and of course Lily, who've all become best friends. Those girls have truly helped her with the transitioning. Glory is a love and she is really pretty, with a dark brown/black color, and sharp white points. YAY!! Glory has properly transitioned, and she is gaining and growing well!! She is nicely started in Performance training too!! Glory has been spoken for, Thank You!!

**********************2022 - 2023 MALES********************

LUA ShowStopper's Orenji

DOB: 7/06/23
(MSF Show Stopper x HF Stacey)
Orenji is not even 24 hours old in these pictures. Look at him!! Orenji is a name meaning orange. If you are a fan of Susie, you will Love Orenji!! Carbon copy to the Max!! This is the first boy out of the 8 offspring produced by Multiple Show Champion - National Champion and Multiple National Champion Dam: HF Stacey. Stacey is also the dam of 3 time National Champion, and National Champion Dam: HF Valerie. Orenji weighed in at 36 lbs!! He has the most gorgeous head, and is strong and upright in his carriage. He has a lovely fleece with a truly unusual color. He will be a stand out. Orenji has FOUR National Champion's in his pedigree!! Orenji is Available For Sale and can leave our farm once he is fully weaned.

LUA Sterling's High King

DOB: 6/19/23
(LUA Sterling's Sensation x LUA Wave's Of Victory)
'King' is only an hour old in all of these pictures. He is something else. We did not even know Lovey was in labor. Had been keeping a close watch, came inside, did some computer work, looked out the window, and he was here, all 38 pounds of himself, already trying to get up. We are going to watch him closely before making any deicions regarding his future. He just might be the future male we have been looking for. He is still closely related to several of our females since his dam goes back to Bravado and Heat Wave, and his sire goes back to Status Symbol, however with King being 4th generation away from Bravado and Stat, it might work. Time will tell. King has SIX National Champions in the first 3 generations of his parents. King is Available For Sale and can leave our farm this fall, once he is fully weaned.

LUA ShowStopper's Ink

DOB: 6/01/23
(MSF Show Stopper x LUA My Darlin Status)
Well now, let me tell you about my story!! IF you like FULL sister's Harmony (Dual National Champion and most often part of their Sire's winning Get of Sire entry) and Darling (Multiple Halter Champion) You will LOVE this guy!! More Harmony-like than Darling, he looks like he will be Heavy wool. He has the prettiest head and really nice ear set. I probably do not need to list all of the accomplishments of his sire and dam, and in case you need to read about them check out his full sister's on our maiden female page: LUA ShowStopper's Harmony and LUA ShowStopper's Darling - plus you can see all of their winning ways on these pages of this web site. His full brother, the color of their sire: LUA ShowStopper Jr., has won a bunch in halter and performance. The Ink man is going to be a fun one, and he has a really cool personality too. Ink is Available For Sale and can leave our farm this fall, once he is fully weaned.

LUA ShowStopper's BluePrint

DOB: 5/14/23
(MSF Show Stopper x LUA Bravado's By Design)
We were at the Mid Michigan llama show when 'Blue' entered our lives. We are blown away with his color and fleece type. His dam, affectionately called Diva, has given us some really nice offspring. We Love that Blue has just about all of our favorite Herd Sires in his lineage. Really the only one he doesn't have is Oh Happy Day. His Dam, a 2-time National Reserve Champion Bravado daughter, is out of National Champion LUA Glorious Status (by Status Symbol) and she is out of one of our all time favorite females: GirlsJustWannaHaveFun who is a daughter of WLK Heat Wave. We sure love it when all of these National Champion 'STARS' align.

LUA Smile Happy

DOB: 4/14/23
(Oh Happy Day x LUA MyGirl Status)
This guy is something else. I really love everything about him. If you count them up, he has NINE National Champions in his pedigree. WOW!! Along with that, his two maternal siblings have exceptional dispositions, are performance naturals, and Champions in halter: LUA Son Of ShowStopper and LUA ShowStopper's Silver Lily. I had wanted to cross MyGirl with Happy for some time now. So glad we did. I have adored each one of her cria. Not for certain yet if she will go back to Happy or Show Stopper next time we breed her. Anyhow, one cannot go wrong with this guy right here. Smile is Available For Sale and can leave our farm this fall, once he is fully weaned.

LUA Because I'm Happy

DOB: 3/26/23
(Oh Happy Day x LUA Symphony Of Praise)
The first for his gorgeous Dam (who resembles LUA Bravado's Butterfly more than any other llama, ever) and she did her first time delivery all on her own, some 3 weeks early. He has been strong, and a go-getter since day one. Pharrell Williams song 'Happy' constantly plays in my head when considering his name. He is correct, with a fun paint job and strong topline like all of our Happy kids have. He happens to have SIX National Champions in his pedigree!! He will not be as tall as Smile Happy, but he is sure to be loads of fun. Because I'm Happy, aka 'Cuz' is Available For Sale and can leave our farm this fall, once he is fully weaned.

LUA ShowStopper's Grand

DOB: 10/29/22
(MSF Show Stopper x LUA Wave's Of Brilliance)
Bril Bril delivered while we were attending the ALSA Grand Nationals, hence his name. He is the largest of her cria to date, all 3 being full siblings. As with all of our Show Stopper offspring he will be watched closely for his future determinations. He has the makings to be a top Show Male and the genetics to carry forward as a Future Herd Sire. Grand is coming on Strong and resembles Full Brother 15 Time Champion: LUA ShowStopper's Reflection a lot in bone, temperment and fleece-type. Grand is a Reserve Champion, he is performance trained and is a natural. He will be shown until sold. Grand has been spoken for, Thank You!!

LUA Nav's New Moon

DOB: 9/25/22
(Wunsapana's The Navigator x BKL Ashe)
Ashe has never failed to deliver stunning cria!! We have retained her last two daughters, and will be keeping a very close eye on this guy to determine his future for our farm. He is INCREDIBLE. Lots of bone, and the Flashy black and white that so many are drawn to. It never fails, each birthing season we have a few males that we really want to hang onto, to see how they develop and possibly keep as a future Herd Sire for our farm. Moony is one of them!! UPDATE: Moon is a Grand Champion!! Moon is performance trained and will begin competing in Novice Performance during State Fair time. If he remains on our farm, he is one we will cross on our Show Stopper daughters. He is that cool, and has a Great Mind. His Dam is an 11 time Champion and his Sire is a National Champion Sire. Moon has been spoken for, Thank You!!

LUA Navigator's Jericho

DOB: 9/22/22
(Wunsapana's The Navigator x Hard Rock's Hallelujah)
The day he arrived was quite busy. Another Dam on our farm, Brilliance, was in trouble most of the day, Brilliance is the dam of our twins. During one of my trips from the barn to the house I glanced out to see Treasure, his dam's call name, was in labor and showing the first signs, next peek out and here he was already making his entrance. The Christian song Jericho played on the radio, and the words came rushing in. Wasn't long before I knew what to name this guy. Man, is this one cool cria!! Not sure if I have ever seen one 'so heads up'!! He is 'ON' ALL. THE. TIME. !! Treasure has hit it out of the park each time!! All of her offspring have been Show Quality, with exceptional color, tall in stature and type. Not only does he have a really fun color pattern, but his curly fleece is a plus too. UPDATE: Jericho is a Grand Champion!! Jericho has been spoken for, Thank You!!

LUA ShowStopper's Simon
DOB: 11/08/21
(MSF Show Stopper x LUA Wave's Of Excitement)
Simon first left our farm in his mama's belly, two months before he was born. He lived in Colorado for the first year of his life. Not knowing better, and wanting to do the best for their llamas, as a juvenile Simon had a full body shear. Sadly his owner at the time, lost her life and Simon came back to our farm. He is AMAZING. Simon is a FULL brother to Multiple Grand Champion LUA ShowStopper's Spiritt, owned by Gary and Katrina Capasso, and our one and only dual National Champion: LUA ShowStopper's Shimmer. Simon had not been handled much before coming here in March of 2023, but let me tell you he is a natural in so many ways. He has been a Champion at every show so far and is placing in the Novice performance classes already. I do not need to go on and on about the powerful genetics of Show Stopper, and all of the National Champions he has already sired and all of the Number One Offspring he has sired. Probably more than any other? I have not done the homework to back that statement, but might just be so. Simon's Dam has been exceptional in her production, and she is an own daughter of the late WLK Heat Wave and her Dam is by Status symbol. Simon has FIVE National Champions in his lineage, and he should be ready to breed this fall. Simon is Available For Sale

************************REFERENCE SIRES ************************

MSF Show Stopper
2017, 2018 National Champion
Multiple Champion Sire, sire of:
LUA Son Of ShowStopper
LUA Spectacular Show

LUA ShowStopper's Matilda
LUA ShowStopper's Darling
LUA ShowStopper's Susie
LUA ShowStopper's BraveHeart
LUA ShowStopper's Reflection
LUA Fortune Favors The Bold
LUA ShowStopper's Black Onyx
LUA ShowStopper's Silver Lily
LUA ShowStopper's Grand

Wunsapana's The Navigator
Multiple Show Champion
Champion Sire, Sire of:
LUA Daisy Mae
LUA Designed By Diva
LUA Trifecta
LUA Amedeo
LUA Deo Volente

LUA Nav's ew Moon
LUA Navigator's Jericho
LUA Sprinkles Of Autumn
LUA Navigator's Olaf

Oh Happy Day
2016 National Champion
Multiple Champion Sire, sire of:
LUA Smile Happy
LUA Because I'm Happy
LUA Happy
LUA Happy Celebrations
LUA Ultimately Happy
LUA Delightfully Happy
LUA Forever Happy
LUA Royally Happy

LUA Sterling's Sensation
2016 National Champion
Multiple Champion Sire, sire of:
LUA Sterling's Eagle
LUA Sterling's Miss Fancy

Wunsapana's Aslan
Multiple Champion Sire, sire of:
Wunsapana's The Navigator

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DDH's Sebastian
2013 National Champion
Multiple Champion Sire
National Champion Sire
, sire of:
LUA Sebastian's Eli
LUA Sebastian's Oscar
LUA Sebastian's Opal