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Featured below are current offspring that we have, females first followed by males. When our offspring become a year old, we will move the females to the maiden female page. As you scroll through our website you will see the quality our farm upholds with breeding and raising Show Champions from Proven Show Champions. Some of our offspring are offered for sale. We offer special package discounts; will work with you on needed payment plans, and we are willing to entertain offers. It is our goal to make sure our llamas leave here happy and with a friend if need be. A reference Sire section is at the bottom of this page to show the sire's of our offspring. Most of their Dams can be seen on our website as well. Please feel free to Email us with any questions or interest.
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CLICK HERE to see Award Winning Offspring we have produced.
2023 Offspring, Females first, followed by Males, Youngest to Oldest
**********************2023-2024 FEMALES********************

LUA ShowStopper's Lilac
DOB: 4/23/24
(MSF Show Stopper x LUA MyGirl Status)
I love the name Lilac and have used it before. This Beauty happened to be born during the few days this spring that our lilacs were in bloom. They bloomed so early, no doubt due to our goofy weather patterns. She is a Full Sister to National Champion LUA ShowStopper's Silver Lily who happens to be from the Strong Maternal Line of National Champion's, and National Champion Producer's that rank at the top of my personal list!!

LUA ShowStopper's SherylAnn
DOB: 4/22/24
(MSF Show Stopper x LUA Symphony Of Praise)
She is something else. Oh My, she is a stinker and is after someone all the time.

LUA ShowStopper's Bunny
DOB: 4/06/24
(MSF Show Stopper x LUA Isn't She Wonderful)
My how wonderfully cute is she!! Born Easter week, the name Bunny fits!! She is busy running all around as happy as can be!! For those who follow our llamas, Bunny is a Full Sister to National Champion LUA ShowStopper's Matilda. She isn't as 'touchy' as Matilda, who has always been approachable to all, and loves affection...Bunny comes for kisses, and then she's off, and it's 'catch me if you can'!! She is certainly a fun one!!

LUA ShowStopper's Twinkle

DOB: 11/11/23
(MSF Show Stopper x HF Valerie)
Not only was our farm Blessed with the little lovelies listed below, we bring you this little lady. Another prayer to have a female out of Valerie, as her first three offspring were male. We are so very Grateful!! Our weather turned rough shortly after her arrival and makes things pretty tough for newborns. We are watching her closely and giving her all that she needs for comfort and warmth. She is active, happy, and loves running with Holly!! She sure has an interesting fleece type. Twinkle is a FULL sister to National Grand Champion LUA ShowStopper's Black Onyx. Onyx had curly, locked fleece at birth also. We love her.

LUA ShowStopper's Silver Mist

DOB: 11/02/23
(MSF Show Stopper x BC Angel's Sylver Sensation)
OH. MY. oh my, oh my, oh my!!!!! She was our 2nd delivery on a truly busy day. I was set to leave at 3 a.m. for NAILE. Once finished with barn chores and getting Bril's new cria all settled in, I headed into the house to make dinner, pack, and everything else that has to be done prior to leaving for a I glanced out into the pasture I could see that Sylver was down, and each time I had checked her that day she was down in a different spot. Quickly called hubby to tell him he needed to watch her closely as she was in labor (of course he was REALLY busy already). Next look and I seen her drop to the ground and go flat on her side and with the binoculars, I could see heavy pushing. I ran outside and we had presentation. Wanting to let her deliver herself, I watched and watched until she was not making any headway. Baby was stuck and went from moving to still mode, so I began pulling. We have pulled a lot of cria, and I have never had a cria scream, this little baby did. Praise God all is well. Can you even believe her? I am so very smitten. Sylver gave us a really wonderful cria in 2022, she was bred to Happy. Part of me wanted to breed her back to him as that cria is awesome. Something tugged at me to try her with Show Stopper. I have gone back and forth with the name Mist and Wish, and had settled on the name Wish, however hubby prefers her name to be Mist, so Misty it is!!
Misty is pictured above with her bestie, Faithfully.

LUA ShowStopper's Hallelujah

DOB: 11/02/23
(MSF Show Stopper x LUA Wave's Of Brilliance)
There have been many prayers said that we would receive a Female offspring from this Dynamic Duo!! Show Stopper and Bril have been infatuated with one another since showing them together during Bril's yearling year, and our final show season with Show Stopper. Even today, he is her MOST FAVORITE FELLA. I have given this name to her as we Praise The Lord for each and every gift He has given us which includes this special little girl out of Bril. Little 'Holly' is a FULL sister to Mega Champions: LUA The Big Show, LUA ShowStopper's Reflection, and LUA ShowStopper's Grand!! She's tall and leggy... me thinks she's gonna be a fun one!!

LUA ShowStopper's Faithfully

DOB: 10/27/23
(MSF Show Stopper x LUA The Hand Of Hope)
I am thrilled with the pairing of Hope with Show Stopper. I had hoped it would work well, and by the looks of this little lady, it certainly has. She is feminine with a face like mama's. Her maternal grandma (LUA Glorious Status), and maternal great grandma (GirlsJustWannaHaveFun), were both Shining Stars in the Show Ring, and they have both been premier Dams for our farm. Each have produced National Champion offspring. With the Powerful Genetics of her sire, and the potential seen in his offspring, we feel little 'Faith' is quite special. She has one of those personalities that begins talking as soon as she sees me.

LUA ShowStopper's Black Beauty

DOB: 9/17/23
(MSF Show Stopper x BKL Angel)
Beauty's Dam, Angel is a Multiple Champion Producing Dam. She is the dam of LUA Notably Happy, who was the #1 Juvenile, yearling and 2 year old male, along with earning several Best Of Show titles. She is the dam of Mega Champion LUA Painted Happy and her youngest in the ring, LUA Divinely Happy. We thought we'd cross her with Show Stopper and see what we got. Oh. My. We've been beyond pleased with all of her production to date. This darling stacks up with the best of them, with a lovely silky fleece (how does that happen with two double-fleeced llamas...well Show Stopper was just as silky as one would want in his younger days). She is all full of hello kisses too!! Can't wait for you to meet her.

LUA ShowStopper's Cinderella

DOB: 9/01/23
(MSF Show Stopper x LUA Sprinkles Of Happy)
Not 100% certain this will be her name, but it is what sticks, and I tend to go with the names that are in my heart and stay there. Call name for now is Cinder, Cindee...She is amazing. She arrived quite early, one of our earliest deliveries to date. She is painted up with a grey, white, and brown pattern. She is out of Two National Grand Champions. She has at least SEVEN National Champions in her lineage. You have seen the charts that have been topped by her maternal Grandma, LUA My Darlin Status who has been winning Produce of Dam Competitions all over the Country and on the National level as well...add into those mixes the depth of the THREE generation National Champion Power of Oh Happy Day, the sire of Sprinkles, and the incomparable standings of Show Stoppers Get, and one can take the guesswork out of her future.

**********************2023-2024 MALES********************

LUA Sebastian's Preacher
DOB: 5/08/24
(DDH's Sebastian x LUA Glorious Status)
We have have had interesting cria birth dates this spring. The first two girls were born on sister's Birthday's, and when Glorious went over due, I said, wouldn't it be something if she delivered on mom's birthday...and she certainly did. Betty would have been her name, had he been a in pondering a name for this cool guy, the name Preacher quickly came to mind!! This guy is Very Cool and is a Full Brother to National Champion LUA Sebastian's Delilah and our Natural Beauty: LUA Symphony Of Praise!! He is kind, easy to handle, and will be Great Fun!! He is straight, with ample bone, and should to be Good Sized too!! If you like him, let me know!!

LUA ShowStopper's Silver Ninja

DOB: 9/17/23
(MSF Show Stopper x LUA Wave's Of Diamonds)
For those who love our dual National Champion LUA Show-Girl aka Tilly, and have seen the Awesomeness of Best Of Show Winning LUA Spectacular Show, Silver Ninja is a FULL Brother!! He is all done in silver and white. YUMMY!! Don't get me wrong, I would take cria like Tilly and Spec every day of the week, but oh my, when we add to their greatness this Awesome Color, well now, you tell me what you think!! Ninja Available For Sale, he is fully weaned, entered into his first 2 Shows, He can leave our farm any time.

LUA ShowStopper's MasterPlan

DOB: 9/10/23
(MSF Show Stopper x LUA Bold Happiness)
The day MP was born, I had finished in the barn, came inside to fix dinner, afterwards, looked out our front window and spotted a little silver image between two llamas. He was Up, walking, just like he was a month old already!! He is something else. Both parents are National Grand Champions which add into the impressive NINE National Champions in his lineage. WOW!! Can I just tell you how much WE ARE LOVING OUR SHOW STOPPER, OH HAPPY DAY CROSSES?!!
MasterPlan is Available For Sale, he is fully weaned, He is entered into his first 2 Shows, He can leave our farm any time.

LUA ShowStopper's August
aka Auggie

DOB: 8/27/23
(MSF Show Stopper x LUA Happy Blessings)
Auggie is the firstborn for his Chart Toppin' mama!! I will tell you, I was on pins and needles awaiting her delivery. What A Blessing this guy is!! He has ELEVEN National Champions in his lineage. WOW!! He is just the kind we are looking for to cross with our Show Stopper daughters, so if you have one like him, let me know!! He is Waaaay Cool!!
AUGGIE is Available For Sale, he is fully weaned, PLUS he is entered into his first 2 Shows, He can leave our farm any time.

LUA ShowStopper's BluePrint

DOB: 5/14/23
(MSF Show Stopper x LUA Bravado's By Design)
We were at the Mid Michigan llama show when 'Blue' entered our lives. We are blown away with his color and fleece type. His dam, affectionately called Diva, has given us some really nice offspring. We Love that Blue has just about all of our favorite Herd Sires in his lineage. Really the only one he doesn't have is Oh Happy Day. His Dam, a 2-time National Reserve Champion Bravado daughter, is out of National Champion LUA Glorious Status (by Status Symbol) and she is out of one of our all time favorite females: GirlsJustWannaHaveFun who is a daughter of WLK Heat Wave. We sure love it when all of these National Champion 'STARS' align.
BLUE has been spoken for, Thank You!!

************************REFERENCE SIRES ************************

MSF Show Stopper
2017, 2018 National Champion
Multiple National Champion Sire, sire of:
LUA ShowStopper's BluePrint

LUA ShowStopper's Cinderella
LUA ShowStopper's Faithfully
LUA ShowStopper's Black Beauty
LUA ShowStopper's Hallelujah
LUA ShowStopper's CarbonCopy
LUA ShowStopper's Silver Ninja
LUA ShowStopper's August
LUA ShowStopper's MasterPlan

Wunsapana's The Navigator
Multiple Show Champion
Champion Sire, Sire of:
LUA Daisy Mae
LUA Designed By Diva
LUA Trifecta
LUA Amedeo
LUA Deo Volente
LUA Nav's ew Moon
LUA Navigator's Jericho
LUA Sprinkles Of Autumn
LUA Navigator's Olaf

Oh Happy Day
2016 National Champion
Multiple National Champion Sire,
sire of:
LUA Smile Happy
LUA Because I'm Happy
LUA Happy
LUA Happy Celebrations
LUA Ultimately Happy
LUA Delightfully Happy
LUA Forever Happy
LUA Royally Happy

LUA Sterling's Sensation
2016 National Champion
Multiple Champion Sire, sire of:
LUA Sterling's Eagle
LUA Sterling's Miss Fancy

DDH's Sebastian
2013 National Champion
Multiple Champion Sire
National Champion Sire
, sire of:
LUA Sebastian's Eli
LUA Sebastian's Oscar
LUA Sebastian's Opal