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Featured below are current offspring that we have, females first followed by males. When our offspring become a year old, we will move the females to the maiden female page. As you scroll through our website you will see the quality our farm upholds with breeding and raising Show Champions from Proven Show Champions. Some of our offspring are offered for sale. We offer special package discounts; will work with you on needed payment plans, and we are willing to entertain offers. It is our goal to make sure our llamas leave here happy and with a friend if need be. A reference Sire section is at the bottom of this page to show the sire's of our offspring. Most of their Dams can be seen on our website as well. Please feel free to Email us with any questions or interest. You may CLICK HERE to see Award Winning Offspring we have produced.
2019-2020 Offspring, Females first, followed by Males, Youngest to Oldest
**********************2020 FEMALES********************

LUA Sterling's Tutti

DOB: 06/08/20
(LUA Sterling's Sensation x BKL Ashe)
The italian meaning of Tutti is 'all together' and this name is so fitting for today, and was chosen especially for this little charmer. She is always 'on' and ready, and we are all in this together! Ashe had been truly uncomfortable for days. Both our farm veterinarian and his wife have had serious health issues this spring and while always there by phone, could not get to the farm. We kept watching and doing all we could do. The day she was born we were fortunate that he could come for a farm call. As in Valerie's delivery, the vet said Ashe needed to be having her baby. We did as directed and Praise God this little darling entered our world 5 hours later. We just love her and are so grateful that both she and mama are Ok. She looks so much like her National Champion Sire!! We love her color and color pattern and she is so very correct!! I first seen Ashe as a juvenile while judging in Wisconsin and inquired about her availability once I returned back home. We had a lot of fun showing her, and she earned 85 Show points and 11 Championships and she is a finished Halter Champion! Ashe is a wonderful mom and even though all of our scheduled shows to date have been cancelled and we have not been able to show Ashe's first daughter born June 2019, we believe both her girls should do very well!!

LUA Show-Girl

DOB: 06/02/20
(MSF Show Stopper x LUA Wave's Of Diamonds)
Prior to her birth, we had all males born spring 2020. Not only were we elated to finally have a female born, but just look at her! She is a Vision of Beauty!! Bloodlines are so very important to our farm and you will read enough about Show Stopper on these pages, so I am going to limit space here for this little ladies Dam. Diamond earned 115 show points and 10 Championships in one year of showing! Diamond is a finished Halter Champion who is out of an exotic lovely black and white paint suri who was out of another strapping, tall, black and white suri Beauty!! Top this greatness off that Diamond is sired by WL Heat Wave. Really do not need to say much more. We are so very grateful to have this charmer out of this cross!!
**********************2019 FEMALES********************

LUA ShowStoppers Blue Violet

DOB: 10/16/19
(MSF Show Stopper x LUA Bravado’s Bold Expectations)
This fancy female is the 3rd for her National Champion Producing Dam. If the past is any indication of the future, well then she has a pretty impressive road ahead of her. Her Dam's Sire and Dam are both National Champions, and her Dam is a granddaughter of National Champion WLK Heat Wave, and through blood, she has the exact same genetic base as the Amazing LUA Bravado's Triple Crown. Even though Bold Expectations was only shown during her juvenile year, she still Finished her Halter Championship, being a 6 time Champion and earning 55 Halter points. Once in production, she has been out producing herself ever since. Now add to all of this the Incredible Show Stopper....need I say more?

LUA Symphony Of Praise

DOB: 9/15/19
(DDH’s Sebastian x LUA Glorious Status)
Fall 2019 brought us the first Sebastian cria for our farm, and he did not disappoint! We had 3 awesome crias by him, and two left our farm in utero: one little girl was born this fall on a farm in NY, and a female was born spring 2020 in GA! We love the frames, color, correctness, fleece-type and dispositions all his babies seem to have. Add to his mix our Champion-Champion producing herd of females and BOOM!! Thus we introduce our little lady Symphony! Her National Champion, Best Of Show winning Dam, who has produced Multiple Champions and National Champions, is one of the tallest on our farm. Symphony is a maternal sister to Multiple Halter Champions: LUA Bravado's By Design, LUA Bravado's Triple Crown and LUA Splashes Of Happy! For some Herdsire history, Symphony carries the blood of National Champion Bravado, National Champion Heat Wave; Multiple National Champion sire: Status Symbol and National Champion Sebastian! Her maternal grandma: GirlsJustWannaHaveFun was a Reserve National Champion MW Yearling female back in the day when those classes were so huge at The Grand Nationals they had to be split! We look forward to watching her grow and mature!

LUA Happy Hopes

DOB: 6/08/19
(Oh Happy Day x BKL Ashe)
Our final cria for spring 2019. She baked a long time in her mama! She is a REAL BEAUTY!! Dark gray in color with front white booties and gorgeous facial markings! Yep, you guessed it, we Love Her!! This young Beauty is really coming along nicely, she is truly correct with an exceptional fleece, looking forward to her first shows next spring! 2020 Update, she has grown well, and is maturing into a real nice female. Due to the cancellation of all of our spring shows she will not have the chance to be shown as a juvenile.
**********************2020 MALES********************

LUA Show-Power

DOB: 06/03/20
(MSF Show Stopper x LUA Thanksgiving Status)
WOW! This is one pretty special boy! He is very powerfully built and is real showy in his frame and stance when he struts his stuff!! One look at him and you will think ‘Show Me’, which was going to be his name, however it has been selected for another Show Stopper son, and we are thrilled! 'Power' has such big, hairy feet that we could have called him big-foot! No doubt he will be a big boy! For those who follow our farm, we have kept 4 of his maternal siblings, each of them won their share in the show ring, and they are: National Champion LUA Sterling’s Sensation (one of our current Herd Sires), National Champion LUA Wave’s Of Blessings (one of our current Breeding Females), National Champion LUA Wave’s Of Royalty (presently in our show string), and Show Champion LUA Wave’s Of Thanksgiving (we hope is carrying her first cria)! As you can see his Dam has been a Premier Dam for our farm who has produced 5 National Champion wins to date! His full brother quickly sold last year shortly after he was born. His sire, Show Stopper is a 3 x National Grand Champion, a National Champion in Halter and in Performance. He has 733 points, 65 Championships and at least 15 Best Of Show titles to his credit. One would be hard pressed to find Show Stoppers equal! His price is a bit less than his paternal brothers listed due to their having more of the blue to their silver colors. Power will have more of a taupe grey fleece when finished. He seems to have the great disposition of both his sire and his dam.
He is available for sale and can leave our farm this fall once fully weaned.

LUA Notably Happy

DOB: 05/12/20
(Oh Happy Day x BKL Angel)
Notably: In a way that is striking or remarkable, that rings true for this incredible, colorful guy! Mama baked him an extra 20 days, and he arrived weighing nearly 35 lbs! Her size, substance and beautiful color pattern is seen in him! He is sired by National Champion Oh Happy Day who had two National Champion daughters in 2019. For those that may not know, Happy is a 3rd generation National Grand Champion Suri Male on his Sire's side. Happy's Dam M.R.S. Cotton Candee was a high selling (5 figures) Female during the exciting years of LFA!! Angel herself is sired by a National Champion too. We are truly excited about our Oh Happy Day offspring, and this guy fits right in with the best of them! Noble is extra special, and he will command attention!! He is available for sale and can leave our farm this fall once fully weaned.

LUA Sebastian's Prayer

DOB: 5/07/20
(DDH’s Sebastian x Hwin Of Dakota Ridge)
Hwin is a wonderdful first time mama!! Her amazing son was born on the National Day of Prayer and sports a lovely silky fleece. He is very correct and has some of our fondest bloodlines through his sire's side, in being that Sebastian is sired by LUA Bravado's Rapture (Bravado x Final Choice). His dam is an own daughter of the highly popular, Best Of Show winning Wunsapana Aslan! Sebastian, along with his sire and paternal grandsire all sport an abundance of bone, coverage and beautifully locked, lofty fleece, as does Aslan! For those Sebastian fans who have kept an eye on his offspring as they develop, you know what this guy will do, his bone will continue and he should have covereage to his toes! Blue Ribbon Winners, Lots of Style, Correctness, Color, bone, and incredible fleece abound in this guys heritage! He is available for sale and can leave our farm this fall once fully weaned.

LUA ShowStopper's Image

DOB: 04/24/20
(MSF Show Stopper x LUA Wave's Of Blessings)
This is one amazing young male! He follows similarly along the lines of his paternal brothers: Junior and Spirit. His Dam, affectionately called 'Besse' is an 8 time Champion, Finished Halter Champion, National Champion Class Winner, who amassed an incredible 90 points in Show Wins during her career. Besse is an own daughter of the great WLK Heat Wave, and she is out of one of our Premier Producing Dams, a Dam who has produced 5 National Champion wins to date! His sire, Show Stopper is a 3 x National Grand Champion, a National Champion in Halter and in Performance. He has 733 points, 65 Championships and at least 15 Best Of Show titles to his credit. One would be hard pressed to find Show Stoppers equal. Image has that popular color of his sire, with abundant bone. Besse seems to produce traits of the sire she is bred to, so expectations run high with this guy!! He is available for sale and can leave our farm this fall once fully weaned.

LUA Happy Warrior

DOB: 04/22/20
(Oh Happy Day x HF Valerie)
He wears his name well. Warrior arrived with a special story. Valerie is a female that did not take to pregnancy like the champ that she is. She was puny. So we kept her up front with the younger ladies and pampered her throughout her time keeping a close eye on her always. As her due date approached she was down more than I like to see, but no real contractions, nor off her side, hip, etc., so we watched and waited. The morning before her delivery, she was down, off her hip, with a bulge. No presentation, and when she arose, the bulge was gone. Too much worry, so put a call into our veterinarian who was not making farm calls due to the 'shut in' orders and his health. Thankfully we could assure him we had not been out ourselves and were not allowing visitors to our farm. So grateful he came out, and when he did he confirmed she was in labor, needed to have her cria, cria was in proper position, but she was not dilating, and he did not feel any movement from the cria. He gave us instructions in what to give her and said if no baby within 24 hours, call him. She had a miserable 24 hours, and we did not have a baby. Bless God he came back the next day and had to go in to get one leg, and for some time we just had one leg and a head. Still no movement from cria and all felt a stillborn delivery. The more he worked and worked to have the ability to grab the other leg, which was not in proper position, and the more they could bring him forward, they (he and Lloyd) did think they saw the cria's nose move. When he was finally delivered and they went to lay him on the ground, he rose his head and gasped for air. Very quickly work began and he is doing very well. We Praise God and our veterinarian so very much. He happened to be born on my sister's birthday, who is a warrior herself that has battled 11 stints, two heart bypath surgeries and cancer and so much more. We let her pick his name. Have shared so much already and have not even spoken about his National Champion parents. They truly are! Those who know us and who follow our farm know the incredible winning's of the pair that together produced this suri Warrior. As he is growing and developing he is reminding me more and more of his paternal sister, our stunning, Multiple Champion LUA Happy Blessings who was one of our 2019 Top Show Girls. He is available for sale and can leave our farm this fall once fully weaned.

LUA Sterling's Blue Silver

DOB: 04/21/20
(LUA Sterling's Sensation x Ollendick Farm's Shaelyn)
This colorful fella surprised us one morning on our second barn check! Lloyd actually thought I was April Fooling him because we do things like that around here throughout the month of April, but no April Fools here! He is truly amazing! And mama, What a Fantastic job she did all on her own, such an excellent mama with the best mothering instincts and milk production! When one takes a good look at the depth of pedigree on this young guy they just might say hummm he's something pretty special! His Dam Shaelyn is a National Class Champion, a 6 time Halter Champion who won every halter class she stepped into! She did quite well in the LFA World Futurity also! Shaelyn is out of LUA Bravado's Amazing Love (a Bravado Daughter) who is out of one of our top producing Dams of her time: Mocha's Latte, a female who has produced 4 National Champion Wins, including LUA Bravado's Almighty! In looks this guy reminds me of his maternal grandsire: Multiple Best Of Show Winning, National Champion: Ollendick Farms Switching Gears! Now lets take a look at his sire's side, oh my! He is sired by our National Champion, earner of over 500 points, who won consistently in Halter & Performance! Sterling won 37 Championships and Multiple Best Of Show Wins! Sterling's Dam is one of one of our top producing females who has produced 5 National Champion Wins! Sterling's Sire was the extra-special, Huge, World Champion SPCL Sterling Silver who was a product of one of those rare parings of Silver Peru and MGF Renaissance. This young impresive male's silver color and Purple Win's run real deep!! He is available for sale and can leave our farm this fall once fully weaned.
**********************2019 MALES********************

Winning Details

DOB: 11/17/10
(MSF Blue Chip x LUA Wave's Of Angels)
Affectionately called Denny, we chose this name for him because not only is he really uniquely marked, with a beautiful silky fleece, but he has National Champions deep in his pedigree! Inside and out he has all the makings to be a Winner!! Sired by a National Champion son of Mystery's Timone, who himself is a National Champion who is sired by National Champion WLK Heat Wave. The Dam of Mystery's Timone was one of my most favorite females to watch win Best Of Show after Best Of Show, She was So Cool!! Add to that the mix of Angel's pedigree, who not only is she sired by National Champion WLK Heat Wave, but she is out of Multiple Grand Champion Winning LUA Angelic Status who is out of National Res. Champion LJF Whitteny. Whew, that is a lot of purple is this pedigree. Not sure yet if we will keep him and show him, or offer him for sale. Feel free to inquire if he strikes your fancy!


DOB: 11/10/19
(MSF Show Stopper x LUA Wave's Of Excitement)
This guy is pretty similar to Jr. below. Thinking he may stack up pretty close to him, with just a touch more silk to his fleece! His sire, Show Stopper is a 3 x National Grand Champion, a National Champion in Halter and in Performance. He has 733 points, 65 Championships and at least 15 Best Of Show titles to his credit. One would be hard pressed to find Show Stoppers equal. His Dam, affectionately called 'Honey' is marked so much like her sire: WLK Heat Wave! Honey's Dam: LUA Champagne Toast is a MULTIPLE Champion Producer! Honey herself is A Finished Halter Champion who earned 9 Championships and 76 points while being shown. She is a Champion Producer and no doubt this guy will earn is fair share too. 4/26/2020 Update: WOW THIS GUY JUST KEEPS COMING ON!! Although 6 weeks separate he and Junior, below, he has caught up to him weight-wise, and may very well surpass him in overall height once done growing! He is so framey, long-necked, long cannon, he is truly impressive!! He has a lovely, fully-locked silky silver fleece, head to toe! It has been difficult to capture the best pictures of him because he is always on the move! This guy is a natural in performance and does everything asked of him!! FYI, Lloyd is 6'2" tall and Spirit was just 5 1/2 months old in the Far L picture. He is priced less than his maternal siblings born last fall, and some wise one will want to take the opportunity to add these incredible bloodlines to their farm, and have fun showing him also as Spirit has been spoken for, announcement coming soon!!


DOB: 9/27/19
(MSF Show Stopper x LUA My Darlin’ Status)
If you like Show Stopper, you will most assuredly like his son, Jr. He is a little carbon copy. All stacked up and showy with the most striking blue-grey fleece! Another extremely ‘heads-up’ boy that sets his tail just where it should be and it is up all the time! His sire, Show Stopper is a 3 x National Grand Champion, a National Champion in Halter and in Performance. He has earned 733 points, 65 Championships and at least 15 Best Of Show titles to his credit. One would be hard pressed to find Show Stoppers equal. His Dam, Darlin is a Multiple Best Of Show Champion; A Finished Halter Champion who earned 15 Championships and 163 points in the Halter Ring. Darlin's Dam, Prom Queens DreamGirl is a true Beauty! Darlin is a full sister to the Award Winning LUA Suri Status who earned just a few more points than her younger sis during her outstanding show career! Darlin has Beautiful llamas all around her pedigree, especially if you love the color of silver. Spend some time on the ILR database and you will see what I mean! Darlin is a Multiple Champion Producer and a National Champion producer! This special young male is available for sale and is fully weaned and growing well and gaining daily. If he does not sell, he may just remain here for some time ...and he will be a part of our 2020 Show Sring, and more.

************************REFERENCE SIRES ************************

MSF Show Stopper
2017, 2018 National Champion
sire of:
LUA Show-Girl
LUA Show-Power
LUA ShowStopper's Image
LUA ShowStopper Jr.
LUA ShowStopper's Blue Violet
LUA ShowStopper's Spirit
LUA Show The Trump Card

LUA The ShowMan
LUA ShowStopper's Silhoutte

LUA Sterling's Sensation
2016 National Champion
sire of:
LUA Sterling's Orange Blossom
LUA Sterling's Blue Silver
LUA Sterling's Tutti

Oh Happy Day
2016 National Champion
Multiple Champion Sire, sire of:
LUA Happy Hopes
LUA Happy Warrior
LUA Notably Happy

Star Status Symbol
(pictured as a yearling)
Multi National Champion Sire
sire of:

LUA Blessed Status
LUA Inspiration Status

DDH's Sebastian
2013 National Champion
sire of:

LUA Symphony Of Praise
LUA Sebastian's Cru
LUA Remembrance