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Welcome to Lash's Unique Animals
(please check back often as I generally do weekly sometimes daily updates)

Lash's Unique Animal's is a Nationally known farm raising top quality Llamas, and Miniature & Toy Australian Shepherds. Thank you for stopping by and visiting our website. We take great pride and care with our family of Unique Animals.

The caretakers: We are Lloyd and Tami Lash, and we live in Manitou Beach, MI.
We are Christians and we strive daily to do the right thing in running our farm
and in caring for these special creatures we have been blessed with.
We are in our 28th year of marriage, and have always shared our lives with animals.

Tami grew up on a quarter horse breeding farm and breeding top quality animals has always been a part of her life. Lloyd has also spent his whole life around livestock. We have over 28 years in the breeding business and offer family friendly services in a very professional way.We bring a life time of raising animals to our farm, and gladly share our knowledge and many years of experience with our friends and customers. We maintain an open door policy which means once you have been a customer of ours, you can call 517.467.2709 or email us at any time.

As a young man, Lloyd helped raise cows on his family farm, did some farming and he also had his own very special horse. He used to coon hunt and still enjoys an occasional outing to deer hunt.
He works very hard every single day. In raising animals they do not get days off.

Tami was raised on a horse farm. Her family raised and showed palomino quarter horses.
She was active in 4-H and FFA as a youth. After 4-H she did some leadership positions.
Lloyd & Tami developed their own farm and grew to top competitor's in the quarter horse arena.
They raised, trained, and showed quarter horses for many years along with raising
pembroke welsh corgi's. They have always had a very full life.

In 1990 they decided to add other types of animals to their farm - first came a llama.
Yes, one llama and who could think you can own just one?
Well, that one llama was not lonely for very long.
Soon came another and another, and yet another.
Those were the days when investing in llamas (yes investing) was no small venture.
They had to put a second mortgage on the farm to get their first 3 female llamas...
ah, for the love of llamas! Today they are proud to say they are thoroughly llama junkies!

Next came the fainting goats. Tami fell in love with these little goats when she met
a gentleman from Alabama and he shared with her about these rare little goats.
They knew they wanted to add goats to the farm, but were looking into another breed
of goats when they were quickly intrigued by, and drawn to these fainters.
Especially the fact they are not escape artists and do not climb and jump.

During all of this time it was a dream to own zebras...could we actually own a zebra?
Sure they could, and soon their farm became home to three special zebra.
Through the years they also raised reindeer, miniature zebu cattle, african serval cats,
african pygmy hedgehogs, various breeds of rabbits, miniature horses, and manx cats.
To look back they often wonder how they ever did some of the things they have done.

Today they specialize only in raising top quality Llamas, and
M iniature and Toy Australian Shepherds.
They understand the great deal of responsibility that lies within the pairing of two special
animals, the anticipated birth, and always caring for them the best way you can.

Tami is also a certified Llama and Alpaca Judge and Fleece Judge.
She also Judges local 4-H llama shows, and is a Certifiec Clinic Instructor and Teaching Judge.
She helps with 4-H Clinic Instruction as well.

We invite you to brouse through the pages of our web site and see some of the animals we raise.

Email us if you have any questions or would like to know more about our farm, or schedule a visit.