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The best portion of a good man’s life: his little, nameless, unremembered acts of kindness and love.
-William Wordsworth

On this page you will find some special comments we have received from our valued puppy customers-friends-family! Thank you so much for sharing, for taking the time to keep us updated, and most especially for caring for these little ones the way that you do. When this page was first created names were kept out for privacy, however names have been left in more current postings. Thanks Everyone!

"Rockit went to the vet today and he did a great job! He is in excellent health, he is super handsome and loved by so many. He is always at my feet & learning his commands like a big boy. He likes to sit and shake for his treats, and he's learning to play ball a bit."
"She is doing really well, thanks for checking. She is a lover, and seems smart and catches on to new things quickly. She has met lots of people and everyone loves her. She seems to be socializing well. Everyone is very happy with her. Thank You."
"He was drinking more than eating at first, spit out the egg I made him, went for the kibble, he is doing great, getting fiesty, and very playful and loving!"
"She's doing amazing and eating a lot and drinking normal! She's doing really good going potty! We love her so much!!"
"Blue is fitting in great and is doing very well! I roll a small ball for him and he goes and gets it and brings it back to me. That's pretty smart! I'm enjoying him so much! He's been out in the snow and learned the steps too!!"
"He's doing so well! We've been feeding him breakfast, lunch, dinner and he's eating and drinking. He naps all thoughout the day..and is doing super with potty training. Timing with him worked out perfect. Can't thank you enough for him! He completes our family!"
"I cannot tell you how much joy Roxanne has brought into my life! She's so amazing. Such a smart sweet girl. I say a thank you to you two everyday...she is charting to be very small, vet thinks she will only get to 10 lbs. She's perfect. She's worth every penny one hundred times over". "Chloe is doing very well. She bikes daily, goes on hikes and brings our frisbees back. She walks with the leash slack and learns so quickly. She loves kids, a bit too much but we're working on that. She's also a warm snuggler. We found she likes vegetables and oranges. She's different than any dog I've known."
"He is chowing down like a champ! The first day he was kind of skiddish of us but now he's all over us and following us around. Just finished his first bath...He Loved it! He sat under the running water & relaxed like it was a Spa Day!" "Thought I would let you know Gia is 4 months now and such a sweetie. She is growing so fast. I'm in awe of how smart she is. I can't even imagine our home without her now. I love when she is curled up in my lap. She is going to be absolutely gorgeous when she's full grown".
"Hi Tami, it's going really good. At first they were afraid, now they are running the house. They have been eating and drinking good. They are so adorable. It is going really good, so much fun! I'm so glad we found you." "Dear Tami, Baby Belle is so sweet I call her my sweet baby it is so cute when she wants David to hold her she will put her 2 little front paws on his chair then try to pull her self up, she is very special we sure do love her Thank You for this wonderfull little bundle of joy"
"She is doing great! Eating, drinking, sleeping. Not whining or missing the litter. She loves the outdoors and is sleeping in her soft-sided kennel on our bed! We are thrilled and everyone loves her." "Just an update on Laddie...He is a wonderful puppy. He loves all dogs, cats, and people! A wonderful temperament...He is learning so much and is such fun!"
"She's doing great, going to the bathroom outside and eating well, she is an intelligent little girl, she's been wonderful. She's very smart and playful" "He is doing great, we stopped on the way home to get some water and he did his business. He has moved in here and taken over"
"She has not had any accidents, is learning very fast and seems very healthy! She is Super smart, we don't even haver her on a leash, she just follows along" "He is adorable...shy sometimes but very playful and hilarious! He loves his bed and hos rope toy. He has been eating very well! He is extremely handsome and is doing great!"
"He has been doing great- he has ate and drank and played all day-he is now napping-we are impressed by how smart he is- He has been so good-he hasn't went potty at all in the house-so smart -thanks so much!" 'Hi Tami, things are going well. I think Frannie has musical talent. She likes to howl along with our music. I hope you can play this cute video. She is really darling!'
"Gia is doing just great. She is just so smart and sweet. She has such a personality. She has grown a lot on the last month. Those little legs are getting longer. We just Love her"
'Hello! Been meaing to send you a picture of Molly and let you know she is doing GREAT! She is so smart! She is a fun and funny dog! She loves to go outside and go for walks. We are ever so glad to have our Molly!'
"Thank You Tami, such a Beautiful puppy. I'm going to train her to do tricks, West Minister here we come!! She's a force and nothing bothers her for long. She has to be one of the easiest pups I have ever potty trained! Sundance listens to my 'no's' exceptionally well, she is my shadow. Tami.. Glad I found you! She's perfection"
'I wanted to let you know that kona is doing great and she loves her sisters and they love her. She sleeps all night in her crate next to the bed. Potty training is going good. She loves to play outside and is chasing the Frisbee and her sister. She is just so awesome, sweet and smart. Thank you!'
"Hi Tami! Luna is doing great! She is happy,
energetic and eating well! We absolutely love her!"
Here is my favorite picture of Max! He's wonderful...and tiny...weighed in at 6.5 lbs 2 weeks ago at the vets! He and Sammy are best buds!
Hi Tami Auggie is doing well, growing like crazy! He is family oriented and lives all of us. Fisher our lab is his idol!!!! He is doing extremely well riding in the car and at the horse barn. He is very quiet and friendly with horses and everyone there. At his final shots he weighed 14 pds. Here are a couple pictures for you.
Auggie is almost 9 mos now. What an awesome little guy! He loves his whole family, has a larger than life personality & is a absolute joy to have around! I was thrown from our poa gelding last week & broke my shoulder, Auggie has laid quietly on the bed with me just watching over me & being so gentle. We could not have found a better puppy thank you so much. We truly adore him & love him as a part of our family!
Hi Tami Shelby got her shot today and weighed about 4.4 lbs. After I figured out that sleeping in the crate was not going to work right away we have been awesome. She is perfect in bed ! Plus great at potty training now. We have a bell smart puppy!
Here are a few pics. We love her!
Hi Tami, Did you ever receive the two pictures I sent of the 3 girls G.G. Peni and Jamie? They show how they look now. I will try to get some of them outside where they really show how beautiful they are. All three are spayed now. My customers wanted me to breed them really bad. Instead I told them I will let the professional breeders do this job. Thank you so much for such wonderful puppies. We love them dearly. My husband cannot take his hands off of them. Let me know how things are going. God Bless you and have a Merry Christmas. A happy customer!
Wanted to give you another update as Ted Bear grows up. He is just such a happy little guy and always ready to give kisses to everyone he meets. We call him the "lady killer", as he always attracts the ladies anywhere we take him. They all think he is just adorable. He has already convinced a few family members that their next dog will be a mini Aussie! He absolutely loves the water and swimming, and we started him in dock jumping in July. He is crazy about it! We took him up north to Gaylord this weekend and he set a new personal best of 10'8" and he is definitely a crowd favorite. :) I will attach a picture or two of him jumping. He is simply a joy, and we are just so blessed to have him in our lives. I hope everything is going well for you. I see Ted has some new siblings, and they are simply adorable! I hope that some day, we can add another miniature Aussie to our family. :)
Morning Tami, just wanted to give you an update on Ted E. Bears progress. He is 12 inches at the shoulder and 15 pounds at his last visit to the vet. He has turned out to be a great puppy, it's amazing how he he is like full size Aussie that we used to have.
Have a great day.
I love her to pieces. I wish I could get someone to video us doing chores. She prances alongside the wheel barrow proud as punch. Stormy even loves her! She is doing really good!
Hi there well we got our little man safe and sound.
He is soooo sweet and loves our daughter.
She took right to him and he to her.
You would think as many pups as she is around
they would all be the same , but she treats each
one different and calls them by name...
she said "he's beautiful" and he is ....thanks and we
love him... thanks for the nice card and pictures of his parents, I am starting to keep up with the pictures
of their parents for reference.

Hi Tami, just thought you might like to hear how ___
is doing. She is a real sweetie!! No matter what she is doing, if she sees me on the golf cart she comes running and gets right on the seat and lies down beside me. When I talk to her, she tips her head from side to side. Her big blue eyes really show up against her dark face. I took her swimming at the river yesterday and bought her ice cream on the way home. I plan to buy a little
pool at Meijers today. I will get some pictures and send them to you. Hope everything is well with you.
Thanks for selling me ___.


Hi Tami, we named the puppy ___. It sure fits, he
has won me over he has so much personality and he is so brave my female standard aussie has adopted him he sleeps half the night with me then he sleeps the other half with her. He is active and rambunctious he keeps us laughing he is so cute and funny. He is a little pistol just precious. I absolutely have fallen in love with him he follows my every step rides with me in the jeep. I just wanted you to know that I am very happy with him sometimes I notice the little swirl on his face and now I think how cute it makes him, if I ever figure out how to use the web cam, I will email you some pictures of him. I still would like to have a pup out of Toad. I think in the beginning I had just wanted a blue so much that I really wasn't prepared for red and I looked for a reason to not like the
red as much as the blue now I wouldn't give up my little red merle for anything Thank You.

We just wanted to drop you a quick note to let you know that ___ is home with us. He had a little car sickness but never complained about it. He had a couple of naps during the ride but, the bumps kept waking him up. We stopped at Wal-Mart to get him
a crate just like the ones you have so he would feel safe. We have him scheduled for his Vet appointment Monday afternoon so he can get his booster shots on time. He is the sweetest little puppy! He does love to cuddle up and be loved. We now know that “love at first sight” is true, our son ___ was beyond thrilled to meet his new best friend. He has not left his side and he understands that ___ is a baby and needs to be treated with gentle hands and soft loving words. He has not stopped hugging us and saying “Thank you so much!” since he came home from school. Thank you so much for giving us the opportunity to add ___ to our family. He will be well loved and we will send you pictures of him as he grows. It was truly a
delight to meet you and spend time with you today.
Hi Tami, No I should be thanking you, they are a blast! They were fantastic for the trip home, half the trip they spent with me in the front seat, and the other half in
the kennel, they hardly made a noise. The trip went well, snowy mix till we got to the other side of the mountains, but nothing bad. They have made themselves at home, being full of themselves! My other dogs are not the happiest but they are accepting,it will be only a matter
of time, it's a big adjustment to them. ___my Min. Pin. he is like you have to be kidding me!! They are running around playing, they have eaten a bit, and took a good drink, which makes me happy. I introduced my babies
to them, they aren't quite as active, but they played a few minutes. They are having fun with all the dog toys
(I have alot!) and seem real comfortable, and very happy, Thank you so much! You will have to put
a part on your web site for owners to commend you
on your pups. I love them both, but still my favorite is the first I picked, the red tri, ___, but I guarantee
they will both get the same amount of Love!
Thanks again, and it was nice meeting you two, too.


Just an update to let you know, I LOVE THESE 2 GIRLS!!!! They are great! Both of them. They are eating real good, and have taken to the potty pads good, They love playing with their future boyfriend and his brother, everyone is getting along great. My older 2 are a bit jealous, but they will accept in time. Been working hard on ___ and her shyness, I just love her to death, and my daughter has taken to, ___, she wants her to be
her dog. Can't blame her, she has a personality and a half! For sure. I crate everyone at night, with the exception to 1 older dog, she sleeps with me, and they are doing real well with that, and a nap during the day for an hour or so, for complete quiet time, and doing good, at first they fuss a bit, but then it's sleepy,
sleepy.Take Care, and hope you don't mind me
updating so soon, Thanks soooo much!
They are great and dearly loved here!

Just dropping an update on the "girls" they are doing great, and we absolutely LOVE them!!! ___ the red tri, is coming out of her shyness, she has my heart
for sure, as so does ___ has my daughters. They are sleeping all night, along with there future Boy friend "___". Getting the house breaking down fairly well, and if there are mistakes they have there potty pads near the door that they go on. They know they go pen when it's time to eat, and for naps and when it's time to go night-night, no-one quarrels about it now, at first it was a bit tough, but now it's routine, and sometimes they just go in to lay down themselves. Saw the note on your page and your more than welcome, they are great!!!! ___ (Blue Merle) will be the bigger of the two, she is a tank, with quite an appetite. Whereas ___ (red tri) she is dainty, but has a real good appetite too. They are so different from each other, and sure can keep us smiling and laughing!!! They are a blast!!! Thanks so much,
P.S. if you have any more litters please inform me,
I just love these two soooooo much.


Hi Tami, She is doing great. She is very sweet and stays in my sons lap almost all day. She is going to be perfect for our family, the right temperament and size. She is not eating dog food at all so I made a big batch of the hamburger and rice - she is not eating a lot of that but we had our vet appointment this morning and he said she looks great and to keep up whatever we are doing. She is worm free and everything looks good, you took good care of her. Thank you for a follow up. I will keep in touch.

I wanted to tell you that your new web site is awesome!!! You did a fantastic job on it. Thank you for putting ___ picture on it too. I can brag that my puppy
is on the internet now. ___ is doing great! She is
sooooo funny and smart. When ___ comes home from work she gives him smiles. She pulls her lips back and shows all her pearly whites for him. Then they go in the bedroom and sing for a few minutes. She is her daddy's girl! ___ loves taking her for walks.
He calls her a "babe magnet."
Tami, Just wanted to send you a picture of ___.
He’s doing well, we had him into the vet last week for some boosters and he’s healthy and happy. Everyone loves his blue eyes and thinks he’s very cute. He’s 10.7 pounds and I think is up to around 10-11” tall.
Tami, I just wanted to let you know our puppy is doing fine he is so smart and beautiful we named
him ___ thank you for breeding and raising
these fine dogs.
Just an update on the girls. They are doing great,
we love them soooo much. ___ the red tri, her personality has come out allot more, she is a trip, quite a lil talker. She has learned when I put my hand down to her head, she will push her head back and walk up into your lap, or arms pending
if your sitting or standing, a few of my dogs have learned this. She absolutely loves to play ball, has even learned to bring it back as long as all the others don't tackle her first. Sometimes her and her sister ___ both bring it back, just so they both can get the praise! ___ is by far more layed back than ___, and weighs 2 1/2 more pounds! She's a Chunky Munky, no problem with eating that's for sure! ___ is much more active than her, so I guess her weight gets spent
that way. Just letting you know how much we love these gals, and they are doing great. Everyone gets along great. During the day, when I am working I put them all in the play yard, so they are pretty tuckered when I get home. They love going for walks down around the pond and the stream, and tormenting the older dogs. At night when it is time to go night night they ___, ___ and ___ (their future boyfriend) all pen up together, they all sleep all night. They are GREAT!!! Thanks again for these two wonderful lil girls!
Hi Tami,
We hope all is well with you, your family, Lassie,
Shadow and Toad. We just wanted to give you a quick update on our much loved ___. He is such a wonderful little boy and we all love him so much. He has been to puppy class with ___, and I, and he came in 2nd place! He is now in his first official obedience class and after
the first few minutes of being scared to death, he does just fine. Everyone always comments on what a lovely little guy he is. We went to Ludington this summer and while there visited an outdoor craft show with ___, of course. We didn't’t make it ten steps without someone asking about him. He truly is a wonderful little guy. Obviously I can’t say enough about him and I always recommend you and your web site when people ask where they can get one just like him. I’ve attached
some photos of him so you can see how much he has grown (there is one photo of him with our friend’s full size Aussie). I think he has the markings of his dad
and the build of his mom. Thank you again for
providing us with such a wonderful addition
to our family. All the best

Hi Tami, Just thought you'd like to see these pictures of ___ at six months old. We love her so much!!!
She's a very spoiled little girl!
Well he thinks its cool around here!! He slept in the bed last night and was so good. Only got up once...
he is a doll...thanks and will keep in touch
Merry Christmas & Happy New Year! We all just looked at your new website and we love it! Such beautiful puppies! ___ is honored to be featured with his best friend and we love seeing ___ next to ___’s shoe? We are truly enjoying having this wonderful little guy in our family. We of course celebrated his birthday w/ a bone from the butcher and a new chew toy. He is a great little guy and he brings us much love and smiles. We hope that 2005 brings you and your family happiness. Take Care
Hi Tami, I can't believe how much we all already love
this little guy!! I can't thank you enough for him. He is beautiful and so full of personality like you said. I got
him home with us yesterday afternoon and he fit right in. All my other dogs seemed to love him right away.
He is investigating everything and very vocal when he wants something!! He made it in his crate for about 3 hours at a time through the night. Thank you for the nice note and photo's that you sent with him. That is such a nice personal touch. He is doing wonderful,
even better than I expected!
Hi Tami, Just wanted to let you know our little girl is doing great, she is coming 90% of the time when we
call her, sleeps all night in her pen in the bedroom, eating good gets lots of exercise, has her own room when we are at work that is puppy proof, sits when
I tell her to, and is about 75% broke on the leash, goes to the barn when we feed, plays with the cats. Tries to get our old dog to play, but that doesn't work. Don't know if I told you when she was at the vets the vet
said she had very good care she weighed 6lbs and was in good health, so I hope everything keeps going this good, will send you pictures in the near future.
Good luck showing your Llamas this year.
Thanks for selling her to us!
The ride home was ruff, he is nibbling at his food just alittle, more concerned about where everyone is and what they are doing. Has pottied on the paper a couple times and has had no accidents, treat given
for this, YEAH! I worried a bit about him during the nite so I slept on the couch, yup .. he got up there and slept at my feet all nite! He loves his little bed and his little baby doll, well if love means to wrestle with it and nibble on And for his name...___ ___ ___ ___. ___ is Indian for: friend (that is what I will be calling him, he seems to react to this name) ___ is Hawaiian for: God's gracious gift. ___ also Hawaiian for: from Heaven. My Angel Boy .. my Friend who is God's gracious gift from Heaven!! Thanks so much for allowing me such a gift...I luv him dearly already!
Have a happy day
Hi Tami, He is just a joy!! His vet appointment was great. He weighed on their scale 5 pounds 2 oz. I weighed him on our scale at home after and it also said 5 pounds. He has been eating great. He loves the dry food I feed these guys called Chicken Soup
for the Dog Lovers Soul. It's filled with lots of great meats and salmon and fruits and vegetables. They
all love it. He slept great last night, from about
10:00 until 4:00am without a peep. He uses the
dog door with the other guys and loves running and chasing outside. We couldn't be happier!!
Talk to you again soon.
Dear Lash Family,
Here are some of ___'s pictures from his first day
with his new family. I think the pictures show he is comfortable, loved and will be spoiled. He just came in from doing his business outside. He is coming along in that area. He is a champion at going up the stairs, but struggles going down. Cute as can be trying to go
down. Wiggles his little bottom so much he could probably take off and fly. We'll keep you posted on his progress. Take care and rest assured he is well
cared for and loved.
Baby ___ is howling right now, as I gave him a bath a little bit ago and now its nap time. However he's not to happy about that. He doesn't like to be alone ever. Which is adorable except when I need to get things
done like driving him to the vet, taking my shower, all those things that I need to know where he is and he won't get into trouble while I'm busy. He is adjusting very well. We've taken a roll of film already and I'll send some of them onto to you today or tomorrow at the latest. Our trip home was uneventful. He traveled well, when we stopped for gas and potty breaks he didn't like the wet ground very much, but kept his bladder till we got back to our house. Our big girl dogs weren't very pleased with him but have taken a motherly approach
to him over the last two days. He's getting more playful and frisky with each new day. He's eating well, the vet says he is healthy and has all his parts and he weighed in at 4.4 lbs. Thank you so much for all your time and help as we contemplated what and which puppy we wanted. He's already won all of our hearts. The boys named him ___ The way he bounces around he is like an out of control boomerang. You can rest assured he is loved and cared for abundantly. He just finally settled down for a nap. He's getting better at that. He's been going strong since 6:30 this morning and it's
10AM now. By the way he loves the snow!
Our best to you

Angel Boy, growing horns .. lol. He is really starting to get comfortable in the house and explore, which sometimes finds himself in a pickle of a spot
and he crys out for help. He also luvs to chew, until that thing he chews bites back, then he comes running to Momma crying. I keep telling him, you know curiosity killed the cat. He is eating like a horse now, eating up his little bowl of food by the end of the day and certainly knows right where to find it. He defiantly knows his name and comes running like the wind when I whistle and call out to him. Sometimes he
runs so fast he does the face skid thing, rolls and then gets back up and runs some more. He has been pretty good about potting on the paper..couple times he got his front feet on the paper but..oops, the back feet weren't. When being held he never bites, nibbles or chews...only cuddles and kisses, which is a good sign for him to be an victim advocate Last nite at 12:30 he went to the couch and tried to jump up, his little bed wasn't next to it for him to climb up. He was ready for bed! And he sleeps all nite without a fuss or whimper. I just can't help but laugh at him most of the time, something that always helps us thru hard times...see his name is true. Friend, Gods gracious gift from Heaven. I did see your note page..that is nice and I enjoyed reading it. As long as you leave off the last name, I don't mind you using our names. Sometimes it helps complete the picture. Well I better go now...___ is barking at the apple decals on the cupboard!! Happy day to you and yours.
Hi Tami, ___ is doing wonderful. He has a good track record of going potty outside. If we put him out regularly he knows that he's suppose to go,
however its gonna take some time on him finishing
his business because he'll go #1 then comes in so excited and we make such a big deal about what
a good puppy he is that he will go #2 shortly thereafter. He had a bath and didn't flinch a bit.
He just sat there and looked around, and he
doesn't cry at night. I have a box that I put right beside my bed and if he wakes up in the night he
just sits quietly and stares at me but if he knows
I'm awake he'll get excited and want to play.
He is going to work out well.
He's eating and drinking well (little piglet).
Thank You for such a wonderful puppy.
Good Morning Tami,
Just wanted to drop you a note to say hello and to tell you how well ___ is doing. He is so much fun!
He loves everyone he meets and showers
them with kisses. He is 90% housebroken and
makes it through most nights now without having to go out.(Thank God, because it seems to be
below zero every day here!)
I promise to send pictures soon.
My son's friend is going to come over and teach me how to use the digital camera.
I'm sure its not as hard as I am making it out to be!!
I love him. Just plain love him. :) He is sooooo sweet.
He wants to lay on my feet when I am doing dishes,
and he "herds" my feet when I walk. Get this--he and the cat are playmates. They chase each other around. They are nearly the same size. Weird huh? I told you
the cat thought he was a dog.... We decided he was "___" after several unsuccessful attempts to block
him into the kitchen. He managed to evade all of the obstacles and range all over the house. :) Here's hoping he gets the hint on the papers--he has so far managed to hit them twice. (he'll get it. He is SO SMART!) He does love his pig ears! And his bouncy Kong and he has been playing soccer with the cat's ping pong balls. This guy has a future in agility and herding for sure. I bet you miss him! He is something. He is going to be such an awesome companion. He is so smart, and eager to play and please. I am putting him in agility when he gets older, he is an athlete.
The little guy is doing fine, he is so energetic and funny and loving. I cannot imagine life before him. He is very much a people dog. I have yet to see any of that Aussie "aloofness". He sure loves playing with the cat. I wonder if he is aware ___ is a cat. I'm
pretty sure at this point ___ has no clue he is a cat! Here's more funny stuff he does: he loooooves to
play in water!!! He puts both paws in his water dish and jumps up and down. This soaks the floor and
him, of course, and he leaves these wet little puppy prints everywhere, but I'm usually laughing too hard to scold him! He has a couple of toys he won't let go of, and he walks around with them in his mouth, and one is a blue salamander that is long enough to nearly trip him--it's hilarious! He also loves the ping pong balls we got for the cat. And the rubber ball he plays soccer with. Right now he is taking a nap (RECHARGING, more like) after a romp around the house session. Thank YOU. He sure fills some of that Aussie-shaped void. He is just a sweetie. I can tell he was raised with a lot of love an affection.
Being shy of people has never occurred to him. :)
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